Thursday, November 12, 2009

Diabetes Hodgepodge-All Sorts of Interesting Stuff & Familiar Faces~

I’m very behind in this thing called life, especially with work and Dblogs. My life (and yours) can be described as diabetes 24 X 7.

Then add Diabetesaliciousness, which has become a 40+ hour a week extracurricular activity that includes catching up on any and all things diabetes related.

Bottom line, I need a job where I can combine my passion for Diabetes, Advocacy, Performing & Production because the one currently have is not a great fit and gets in the way of my passion.

Anyway, sorry to go off on a tangent- it's just been really getting to me as of late! Like I said, I’m behind in the land of diabetes blogs, but I have managed to read a few Dblogs and found some interesting stuff!

Disclaimer: I’m sure I’ve missed lots of other mind-boggling diabetes blog posts so please don’t take it personally. Like I mentioned, I’m behind on my dblog reading. If you do take it personally, I'll feel bad, because I’m a people pleaser. But since I’m trying to get over pleasing everyone- which is an impossible, energy zapping task! You’re going to need to get over it to.

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and George a.ka., ninjabetic over at the B.A.D Blog, wrote a very compelling piece about being a Soldier in the Army of Diabetes. George is “finding a way to be a soldier of a different kind. Serving the world instead of my country. Fighting for freedom from a binding disease. Battling the war against Diabetes." Read about his calling HERE.

Lora- over at The Diabetes &Stuff has come up with some fantastical and whimsical uses for test strip containers. Who’d a thunk that they could be used as take out salad dressing containers? What do you use your old test strip containers for?

Over at Stickysweetmom, Cherise writes a fantastic guest post called: “It is What It is” and her words well tug at your heart!

Have you checked out Sweet And Sexy? It’s a new Diabetes Blog that made its debut on D-Blog Day. It’s all about love, sex, and relationships (including current and lack there of) in life with the Big D.

I think it’s a great concept for a blog and lets face it, as PWDs we have issues, be it dating, relationships with significant others, etc. This seems like a great place in which to share, learn and discuss!

Over at Diabetes Care, there is an excellent (and short) video about how folks sans diabetes who don’t seem to know that there is indeed an International diabetes symbol, let alone what it looks like. CHECK IT OUT!

Speaking of the international symbol for diabetes, tomorrow is World Diabetes Day Over at World Diabetes, is a list of reminders about this years campaign theme and message, which is: Understanding Diabetes & Taking Control.

Tomorrow you can do something big, like attending an event, or something small as testing your blood sugar, along with thousands of others. Tomorrow is the Big Blue Test and you need to be a part of it.

I was yesterday's winner of the American Diabetes Associations #StopDiabetes slogan.

Here's the retweet: @AmDiabetesAssn Yesterday’s RT Winner! @diabetesalic:#StopDiabetes because it would make every person with#diabetes mom really happy- including my own!

And finally, the Insulin Whores (see yesterdays post) are considering some #GLEE covers and Scott Strumello over at Scott's Web Log writes all about it - and gives Ninjabetic and I a shout out as well! He’s come up with a most excellent idea for a song cover. Read about it and suggest some more songs to add to our repertoire HERE.


George said...

Thanks for the shout out! Love you like bacon!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea for The Insulin Whores first single :)

Scott S said...

Bacon for the Insulin Whore-Glee lovers!!

Scott K. Johnson said...

I SO hear you on the job thing. So hear you.

How cool is it that you won the ADA #stopdiabetes thing for that day!

Can't wait for the IW's album. :-)