Friday, November 13, 2009

Tomorrow's The Big Day!

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day and PWDs (persons with diabetes) around the world will be breaking out our blue clothes, and blue nail polish and blue twinkle porch lights, etc. Many will even do something they rarely do- change their lancets, so they cantake part in the

Thousands will spend tomorrow attending and or participating in diabetes events all over the world.

We, the fantabulous people with diabetes will use November 14th, World Diabetes Day as our chance to spread the world about life with diabetes. I mean everything, the risks, the warning signs,the Diabetes On-line communities and how they help -the whole big blue ball of wax! We’ll talk until we’re blue in the face! Pun totally intended!

And then what? Here's what: We’re going to wake up on November 15th and do it ALL OVER AGAIN.

Because while the world celebrates Diabetes on the 14th and the United States recognizes November as National Diabetes Month, people with diabetes live with it every single day.

And unfortunately, our numbers are growing. Millions of people know the diabetes myths as opposed to the realities, and even more don’t recognize the symbol for Diabetes.


And all that needs to change-and you and I, every single PWD on the planet, are just the people to do it!

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Diane J Standiford said...

I happen to be wearing all blue today and will explain why at lunch. Forge ahead.