Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bumping Pumps- It Ain't Nothing But A D-Thing

So I stopped by my sisters house a few weeks ago and had dinner with her family- which was fabulous and entertaining, as always.

Anyway, my 17-year-old nephew Anton (Longboard Skateboard officiando & man about town) had his friend Nick over for dinner. Nick is slightly older, also a longboard Skateboard officiando/man about town, and a type 1 PWD.

We chatted about skateboarding and the likes there of, dined on a fantastic Jewish Apple Cake (it was like a foot thick and SUPER DELICIOUS) courtesy of the Kibitz Room, and discussed our hopes for 2010.

Then Nick noticed my pump and said: I see you have an insulin pump. Cool, I have one to!

He removed his black Animas Ping from his pocket and held it up in the air for me to see.

Then I unclipped my Minimed 512 from my belt and held it up in the air.

And there we sat, our pumps hanging midair, discussing the Ping’s options (I’m seriously considering a Ping and had lots of questions) and Nick told me how much he liked his Ping. “It actually talks to my glucometer,” said Nick all proud and happy.

Then instantaneously, we each reached out (over the table and the plate of SUPER DELICIOUS Jewish Apple cake) with our insulin pumps and bumped pumps in mid air.

Anton chimed in without missing a beat: OK, I feel like I’ve just witnessed the secret handshake to a Dungeons and Dragons Diabetes meeting! You guys are total geeks.

Me: Anton, it's ain't nothing but a D-thing - pure and simple.

And it absolutely was.


George said...

This post brought a huge smile to my face. Wow, that is cool stuff indeed.

It's ain't nuthin but a D thing Baby! LOL

I sense another SugaSheen jam on its way! :)

Unknown said...

Outstanding! Way to bring a smile to the face, Diabetic Dre and Snoop-style. Now, all you need to do is tug your blood meter in the front of your pants like you're packing, and it's all Old School D-Gangsta right there... Plus a pirate patch!

Cara said...

Totally brought a smile to my face! It's always fun to meet other diabetics. (You know we'll have to "bump pumps" if we ever get to meet!) :p

Tina said...

How awesome! I love D connections! I will be retelling this story tonight.

Penny said...

Sweet. Totally sweet and awesome. Connections are wonderful.

kath said...

Awesome! Very nice post!

Unknown said...

It' so nice..

thx ^_^

Cherise said...

That is soooo freaking awesome!

Reem said...

omg, kelly! awesome post!! you are so fun!
i love my ping! i got the green one and it's been a breeze, although i've only had t1 for about 2 years, so i can't make many comparisons...heehee. i love how it's got the lowest dose increment you can give and is completely waterproof. it was so easy for me to learn, too...ok, i'll stop talking about myself, haha. i just wanted to say i loved this post, girl!! ;)

k2 said...

Glad it made you smile- and can't wait to do the guest track on "It Ain't Nothin But a D Thing" with Shugasheen!

How did u know that's how I wear my pump?
You are so freaking smart !

Oh yes, we will totally bump pumps!

Tina & Penny-
D connections are AMAZING!

Thank You!

Thanks !



Thanks Girl!
Told you on FB that you'd like the Ping- but I'm glad to hear you say it! I'm leaning towards the green one myself- it brings out my eyes ;)