Saturday, December 26, 2009

Frosty The Snow.....Pig?

Frosty The Snow Pig!
Photo courtesy of my iphone

So I was out and about yesterday, on my way to various Christmas destinations when I drove by "Frosty the Snow Pig" and laughed out loud!

I stopped my car in the middle of the street, grabbed my iphone, got out of the car and took a pic.

I stood there in the middle of the street, seriously contemplating calling him "Pancetta the Holiday Snow Pig" and creating his back-story, which involved Jack Frost, maple syrup, and a chicken named Hal. Until I was jolted back into reality by the stream of cars beeping their horns and telling me to get a move on!

Frosty/Pancetta and I hope your Christmas Day was filled with love, laughter, and BACON!


George said...

That thing is something that would chase me in my dreams. SCARY!

Yay for BACON.

Jaimie said...


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