Monday, January 11, 2010


I woke up woke up this morning (slightly later than usual- since I had to forgo coffee & food)

jumped in the shower, got dressed, blow dried my hair, put my make up on, grabbed my stuff,

and ran out the door.

Today was blood work day, and I needed to get there ASAP.

Ahhhh, blood work day, how I dread you!

I walked in the lab at 8 am and the place was packed! I was not pleased.

The lab didn’t even open until 8am, so why was I number 12?

I took a seat, grabbed a magazine, and tried to relax.

I tried to read an article in one of last months People Mags, but I just sat there and looked at the pics.

I was coffee and food deprived, anxious, and worried.

Worried I’d be late for work, worried about what my lab results would show,

and worried about life in general.

I’m not so calm and composed when it comes to tests.

Give me a bitch whose ready to pick a fight with me in a locker room and I’m cool as a cucumber. Verbally, I will carve her a new one no problem!

but sitting in the lab, waiting to get my blood taken throws me

in all types of loops!

What if my A1C, Kidney, & cholesterol numbers were high?

What if the tests pointed towards something scary? I’m so over scary.

I’m so over tests and Doctor’s appointments.

The past 6 weeks I’ve had more than my fill.

Tomorrow is another eye appointment and Thursday is my Endo visit.

Grab a fork and stick it in me, because this bird is done!

I told myself to shake it off and get a grip.

I tweeted about sitting in the waiting room, sans caffeine and day dreamed of coffee,

until I could actually see it in my head.

A piping hot Starbucks with cream and sugar…. and this particular cup of coffee

had numbers like 6.4, 6.6, and 6.7 dancing around it.

My A1C goals had infiltrated my coffee fantasy.

When they called number 7, I snapped back to reality.

It was 8:10. Numbers 8 and 9 were called.

I decided to take my blood sugar- it was 105. I was pleased for several reasons.

1. 105 is bearable when one is fasting for blood work.

2. I’d eaten out last night and my bedtime bg was 240. Apparently,

I didn’t bolus for my Large beet/arugala/gorganzola salad and

stuffed mushrooms with crabs correctly.

My pump told me to do a bolus correction of 2.4 units.

But it was 11pm and I had to fast after midnight- I didn’t want to wake up to low,

so I only bolused 2 units.


NOte to Self: YOU ROCK

Number 10 was called at 8:14

Number 11 was called at 8:20.

I put my iphone away, grabbed my RX and insurance card and stood up.

I watched the clock slowly tick. 8:21, 8:22, 8:23, 8:24…NUMBER 12

Me: “Right here,” I practically screamed and ran in.

The "Blood Women" were not moving fast- didn’t they know I hadn’t had coffee

and needed to be at work by 9 am?

They took FOREVER to type my info into the computer- It was excruciating to wait, so

I decided to help them along.

Me: Can I pee while your filling out the paperwork, because I really have to get going.

They agreed, and I took the plastic cup and ran to the rest room, and…couldn’t go.

I was more than miffed! I downed 20 ounces of water before I walked in the waiting

room and now I couldn’t go! WTF?

Finally, (and after what seemed like an eternity) I went – but not much,

and it was dark- which freaked me out all over again.

When I returned to the blood workroom I looked at the Blood Ladies and said:

Why is this SO dark? What’s wrong with me?

They told me to calm down, that it could be all sorts of things and none of them bad.

Then they told me to relax, but I couldn’t.

On a positive note, the "Blood Woman"number 1 was able to extract my blood on

the first try and I hardly felt it.

I thanked the "Blood Women" and dashed off to my car.

It was 8:45 and I had 15 minutes to go to Starbucks and get to work.

On my way there I drove myself crazy by trying to remember what hue

my last urine sample was. I couldn’t remember to save my life.

I am like a hamster on a perpetual spinning wheel - and I'm ready to hit the breaks!

Now I wait until Thursday for this set of test results.

Tomorrow my eyes will be dilated for the 5th time in 6 weeks.

I have another eye appointment in February.

But before that, I’m going to Florida - I need a vacation!

Heeeeeyyyyyyy, I just thought of this,don't beets make your urine all funky colored?

The Beet Salad is to blame!

All this worrying because of the damn Beet Salad.

Curse you Beet Salad!

How dare you worry me and freak me out! You weren’t even that tasty!

Next time I’m ordering the House Salad because YOU SUCK.

BUT I'm still going to Florida -Because it's pretty obvious after this post that I need to get away~

After all, I'd just flipped my"Bitch Switch" on a freaking Beet Salad!


Rachel said...

oh yeah. did you know only a small select percentage of the population (which I'm lazy to look up again) has red pee from beets?

Yeah, it happened to me a few months ago.

I am sick of doctors and bloodwork and all of that, too.

Meri said...

I knew it! I knew there was a logical reason why I REALLY dislike beets. It is all clear ro me now! Thanks Kelly!

(Lukily, my hubby likes them and eats them off my salad...I eat his eggs of his...we make a good team...I'll shut up now..)

Penny said...

This made me laugh Kelly.
Sorry about the pee, the beets and the wait.
Hang in there.

George said...

C'mon Florida! K2 needs and deserves vacay!!!

phonelady said...

kelly dont come to florida it is cold here too and yeah screw beet salad i hate beets LOL !!!

Rachel said...

1) Enjoy FL! Have fun you deserve it!

2) I know the feeling about the pee.... got to go or so you think... anticipation high.... let down... nothing happens!

3) Hang in there!

Stacey D. said...

You have had your share of dr appointments recently but hopefully that will all quiet down for you soon. Good luck with the ones coming up! And start your countdown to vaca ... you certainly deserve it!! :)

Cherise said...

I am so glad your headed to Florida! You need a vacation big time.

Bethany said...

great post! I, too, cannot STAND caffeine-less waiting for blood ladies.. you are not alone..