Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend With Friends/CRUMBS/& Cure Thrift Shop

Chicklets @ Cure Thrift

This past weekend I spent a whirlwind, short (as in way to short) visit to NYC.
I arrived Saturday close to 1pm managed to spend 26 hrs visiting one of my oldest friends (and Jr Prom Date) Markie Mark. After a crazy 6 weeks regarding the whole 1 in a million thing ;) I needed a weekend to let off some steam and LAUGH !

And laugh we did- we had a blast! We had lunch ( and more than one of us was incredibly silly) walked around, played catch -up, stopped by CRUMBS Cupcakes and indulged. I highly recommend the Vanilla Coconut cupcake- OUTSTANDING & BOLUS WORTHY! Later that evening, we had dinner and cocktails and laughed until we cried!

Sunday morning (which was way to rainy and cold) I was able to meet up with my niece Cristin and have brunch. She's an adult now, and I consider her my first baby and close friend. Time with her means the world to me!

Mark met us afterwards and we stopped by Cure Thrift Shop , which benefits the Diabetes Research Institute. I'd been trying to visit FOREVER and I finally had my chance to take it all in!

The shop is located at 111 East 12th Street, between 3rd and 4th Ave.

It's an AMAZING thrift shop with fantastical one of a kind items at great prices!

All proceeds go to the DRI (Diabetes Research Institute) whose goal is to find the cure for Diabetes! I attended their 2008 Diabetes 2.0 Conference in NYC and learned first hand about the incredible research they do!

Cure Thrift also hosts Support Groups for those of us with the Big D. The next one is tomorrow night at 7:30, and is sponsored by ACT1Diabetes. An excellent organization for adults with Type 1.For more info about ACT1 & tomorrows meeting,click HERE !

All in all, it was a very short and incredibly packed, wonderful weekend!!

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Cara said...

Jealous. :) NYC. Sigh. And Crumbs?? Way jealous. :P
I'll be up in May. I'm leaning more toward that weekend of the 14th, so be prepared to come back! :D I'll buy you cupcakes... (yes, I'm bribing. I'll admit it).