Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FYI - The following is NOT a gremlin!

6:08 PM: Tried posting the following all day from my iPhone (starting at 8:30 am) while I was on the road for work, but the damn ShoZu app decided to act all types of bitchy! Just walked in and was finally able to fix the problem. ENJOY!

I'm on the road today for work- but wanted to post something that would make you smile.

May I present Princess Louella La Rue D'La Mer. She belongs to very good friends who wish to remain anonymous and keep the spotlight on Louella.

Alas, Louella is not mine - but damn if that doggie doesn't crack me up whenever I see her!

Every single time I'm graced with her presance, I smile & laugh from my belly!

Louella is snuggly soft and loves to cuddle. She weighs all of 1.5 lbs, is 8 years old and is missing most of her teeth.

Princess Lou instantly causes smiles to appear & sky high blood sugars to lower - as if by magic.

She's not at all yappy, is very often mistaken for a Gremlin, and she actually squawks like a chicken when she needs to go outside to do her business.

Speaking of business - her poos are the size of jellybeans~

Hope you find her as awesome as I do!

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Bob Pedersen said...

K2, do you have a weakness for cupcake-sized dogs, or is that just the only kind I've read about in your blog? :)

I'm glad that he's such a nice dog and that he makes you smile!

Katie from SF said...

I love the little tongue sticking out! :)

phonelady said...

okay I own two cup caked size doggies and I happen to think that they are just awesome yeah !! miss louella is cute a licious .

jpnairn said...

Looks just like a dog, only smaller! Poo the size of jelly beans? Well, that is a feature to be desired.
Coincidentally, my dogs have poo the size of Louella.

Scott K. Johnson said...

She is pretty cute, in a kind of weird way... :-)

Rachel said...

Oh, I love her!

Reminds me of my friend's childhood dog. Not pretty...but pretty. And adorable.

Lea said...

I'm in love! What a little sweetie :)