Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Type 1 People With Diabetes - We Do Exist!

It may be a little late in the season for the Santa/ m&m commercial,
but every single time I meet
someone who has no idea about type1 diabetes (or diabetes in general) finds
out that I'm a PWD (person with diabetes,) they always act
and this commercial ALWAYS comes to

Is it "ironical" that an m&m commercial should make me think of

Maybe,but fitting none the less.
We the people with type 1 diabetes, DO EXIST.
No need to faint or act surprised that we are what we are & look the way we do.

We aren't as elusive as people make us out to be,
we're not the freaking Chupacabra for goodness sake!
And unfortunately, like our type 2 brothers and sisters, our numbers
are growing every single day.

So acknowledge us John Q. Public; Marketing execs, Newscasters and the likes there of,
because until there's a cure, we aren't going any where.
It's not only time that you recognized us,
it's time you got to know us - all of the many faces that
make up the diabetes family.

Not just the ones the media always presents,pushes,& continually
gets wrong.


Virtue said...

this reminds me of when i was diagnosed and in the hospitals. staff kept coming around to see me... i found out later it was because they'd all met type 2 diabetics (they hadn't realized type 1.5 back then), but they'd never seen a type 1. so, i was like the circus freak that everyone wanted to meet... as if being 15 and recently diagnosed with a chronic illness was enough to make me feel different... at the very least, though, it made me more mindful of how i react to other people's stories.

FatCatAnna said...

Virtue - that was the same for me when I was in hospital for a mastectomy - 3 days in the hospital - PRISON SENTENCE (I hate hospitals ever since I got diagnosed a 7). They were CLUELESS as to how to treat a Type 1 as they are used to Type 2's. Couldn't figure out why I wanted to test my own BG's (they were doing it right in the nerve centre of the finger tip and only once in a blue moon - HOWL). To top it off I had to argue with them to take me off the drip, so I could inject my own insulin as they felt my BG's were alright (they were high). There was only one nurse who understood Type 1 diabetes - and who could speak English well. She was my saviour when she had the time to drop by and ask me more about Type 1 diabetes.

George said...

I think since I am type 1 who is always mistaken for a type 2, I am going to start calling myself a Type Bacon.


Crystal said...

Oh my! I think of myself, us, those with Type 1 too when I see that video!

Hopefully we will get some recognition that is much needed.

Khurt said...

George, I want to be Type Chocolate Bacon. Yummy!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Very well said K2.

Lauren @ Every Last Detail said...

It's craziness. So many people have no idea what it means. They always associate Diabetes with the easily manageable Type 2, and never associate Type 1 with something that people live with for their whole lives. My husband has Type 1, and it always surprises me that people don't know the extent of it. Why is it such a secret?