Monday, February 15, 2010

Diabetesalicious Lite Goings On

Mondays are busy and crazy and filled with playing catch-up from the weekend!

This Monday (even though it's Presidents Day) is no different.
Today's post is "Diabetesalicious lite," but interesting none the less!

Our friend Bernard Farrell over at the Diabetes Technology Blog has a video up on You Tube reviewing the features of the Dexcom 7. plus CGM. It's slightly over 10 minutes long, but it covers everything. Check it out, HERE.

Riva Greenburg over at has another open letter to Oprah and Gayle King over at the Huffington Post. Check it out, HERE.

I recently sat down with the ladies over at The Journal of Nurses Jocularity to discuss how humor plays a part in managing diabetes. The folks over at The Journal of Nurses Jocularity are big believers in the positive power that laughter to plays in health - and are quite funny themselves. Checkout our conversation HERE.

Chris is still raising money for people in developing countries who don't have clean water. Click HERE to help make it happen.

And finally, the folks over at the Syfi are doing what needs to be done and doing it in Cheesy filled way! After such fantastical movies like "FrankenFish" and my all time favorite SyFi Movie, Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus. (The later was a movie that I tweeted about like a mad woman when I stumbled upon it after channel surfing one evening. The movie stars Miss Deborah Gibson as a marine biologist and Lorenzo Lamas as a government gun for hire with the worst southern accent ever!

The Cheesefactor is enough to clog ones arteries)
But I digress.

The creators of these screen classics are now in production talks to produce "Sharktopus"
and I can't wait for this cinematic gem to air. It should make Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus like duel between cheezified guppies!

Read all about the great "Sharktopus" HERE.

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