Friday, February 12, 2010

A Drop In The Bucket-

THOUGHTS TO PONDER: How many times a day do we turn on the faucet for a variety of differnt reasons and actually think about how the water got there, or how clean said water actually is?

We fill a pot with water to cook something in, we wash vegetables to put in said pot, we run our toothbrushes under cold H2O and wash our hands under warm water to clean off dirt, germs, and the likes there of. We fill a glass up with water whenever we need to quench our thirst.

Back in the days before disposable needles, my father and sisters had to boil water and sterilize their needles they used for insulin. How Diabetes Dark ages is that!

If your like me, you take for granted the fact that each of us has clean water whenever we need it. Clean water is literally at our finger tips- whenever we want it. We take it for granted and carelessly let the tap run because we've never NOT had clean water.

NEWSFLASH: People in developing countries aren't so lucky!

My friend Chis, a Type 3/man about town decided to do something about that.
Chris gave up his birthday gifts and Christmas gifts and decided to give a gift in the form of a water, to people in a faraway village he's never even met.

Chris's goal is to raise 5,000 dollars for a water well and spotlight
Chris even has a Facebook page devoted to his efforts. Click HERE to read it.

So far, Chris is hitting the water ball out of the park (I know, that really doesn't make any sense, but you catch my drift,) and has raised $4,343. Chris has 22 days left to raise the remaining $657 dollars.

So my friends, if you have a dollar to spare this Valentine's/Presidents Day weekend, or would just like to learn more about Chris's effort, click HERE and read all about it.

After reading about his efforts, you'll definitely think about how your water made it into that glass the next time you pour yourself some H2O.

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Kerri. said...

I am also a fan of Chris's, and I'm joining the cause, too! :) Thanks for posting about this, Kelly!