Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On St. Patrick's Day Everyone is Irish!

As my grandmother Agnes Dillon Kunik used to say: On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish!
I'm a mutt as far as nationalities are concerned and I think that's just ducky, but my grandmother Agnes was Irish (French Irish Brigade and Black Irish) to be exact.

I think of her every St Patrick's Day for several reasons.

1. She apparently used to do the Irish Jig every St Patrick's Day on top of the kitchen table every single year!
2. She always talked about the "luck of the Irish," and as of late-luck has had a whole new meaning for me~
3. The constant memory that stands out regarding my Grandmother was that every single time I'd walk into a room as a very small child she'd say to me: Ahhhh Kelly, my little Irish Beauty. Her saying that- or variations of that, are the most clear memories I have of her.

Today I'm wearing green (not so different than other days as it's one of my fav colors,) working hard, and I may or may not go out with friends after work.

Now for the Diabetes Angle: Below are links to carb and nutritional listings for traditional Irish fare. If your going out- BE SAFE, TEST OFTEN, and HAVE FUN!


Cara said...

I love St. Patrick's Day. I have for as long as I can remember. I'm adopted, so I don't know if I truly have and Irish in me, but I figure I must. Otherwise, why would I love it so much?? :)

Katie from SF said...

Fantastic! I love the image of someones grandma dancing on the kitchen table. Priceless. Happy St. P's to you too. =)

Colleen said...

Such a sweet post, Kelly! I always think of my grandma on this day too. She was so proud of her heritage.

I also LOVE the beer link. :o) I could use that year-round! Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's day!

I had this hilarious mental image of a grandma doing a jig on the table. hehe.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Happy day, my fine Irish friend!

wv: dedevoil

[In an Irish accent]: Blast it, dedevoil is messin' with me blood sugar this fine holiday!

HVS said...

I'm wearing my green Ping pump,so I'm all set! lol one day of the year I'm in style...

Happy P-Day to you too!