Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kelly Blog Insulin Pump

Late post today, please forgive~

I was feeling a bit stuck on a today’s topic. I’m working on several posts at once and doing the whole day job thing,and I just couldn’t wrap my head around a topic for today.

So I decided to cheat and check the Search Terms in my statcounter and I found my inspiration.

Now most of the search terms I get- for the most part. But ( and no pun intended here..OK, maybe) one search term in particular leaves me scratching my head and wondering W.T.F?

  1. Dr. Oz on Oprah about diabetes: OK, we need to talk, BIG TIME
  2. Diabetesaliciousness: Why hello there, welcome to the diabetesaliciousness of it all~
  3. Roche Diabetes Blogger: I don't blog for Roche, but I did attend the New Media Summit
  4. Diabetesaliciousness: See above
  5. Dear mom and Dad thank you letter: I don't know how they did it, but I'm grateful!
  6. Kelly Kunik: GUILTY~
  7. Gym Locker rooms: Oh no she didn’t! YES, she really did.
  8. Kelly blog insulin pump: Are you talking to me?
  9. Brother caresses buttocks of sister: Yes, REALLY. Can I just say Pirate Girls get a bad rap and this would be where the W.T.F came into play.
  10. Dr Oz and diabetes: Dr. Oz, we need to talk~
  11. Pirate girls kick butt: Why yes indeed, pirate girls absolutely kick butt!
  12. Platypus pictures: God bless the platypus!


Shannon said...

Oh, how I love the SEO stuff. You've inspired me to check what google has been up to on my behalf!

Oh, and Pirate Girls do kick butt!

Anonymous said...

:) This made me smile.

Unknown said...

Good job Beautiful lady...
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