Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diabetes: WWMD?

“MADONNA. Simply saying the word aloud makes me feel powerful, even in voice over! How I have worshiped her ever since I was a little girl! Sorry Angie Joie, Catherine the Great — Madonna is the most powerful woman ever to walk the Earth.” — Sue Sylvester

“Culturally, Madonna’s legacy transcends her music because by and large the subtext of her songs are about being strong, independent and confident no matter what your sex. But more than anything, Madonna’s musical message is about equality and that is something you guys need to work on.” — Will Schuester

As most of you are aware, I’m a GLEEK and I’m more than loud and proud about it.

As I stated in last weeks post, I’m also a huge Madonna fan and have been for years. I’ve always found an empowering message in her music and her attitude - and let’s be honest kids, she’s got some kicking dance tracks!

Last nights episode of GLEE was all about MODONNA and her message of Empowerment to women of any age. I could relate to that on many levels.

Sue Slyvester, (played to perfection by the remarkable Jane Lynch) the show’s villain and Cheerleading coach, a maniacal MADONNA fan who turns her MADONNA obsession into a theme and war cry. Wil Shuster carries that theme over to the Glee Clubs female members and encourages them to “express themselves” through MADONNA’s extensive music catalogue.

Sue makes her “Cheerio’s where Bracelets “WWMD” emblazoned on them.

“WWMD – What would Madonna do? The answer to that question is usually date a younger man …” — Sue Sylvester

I’m not going to do an episode play-by-play, but I do encourage you to WATCH it on Fox or HULU. Hell, you can go a step further and download it on iTunes, which is what I plan to do~

What I have decided to do is give the shows WWMD reference a diabetes spin.

What Would Madonna Do Regarding Life With diabetes?

I’ll tell you what Madge would do my friends. She’d kick diabetes ass and take no prisoners in the process.

Madonna would learn all she could regarding diabetes and own her life with diabetes outright.

Madonna would educate herself on the disease of diabetes and then she’d educate the public in the process.

Madonna would empower and “Express herself” on every level regarding life with diabetes and I guarantee that John and Jane Q. Pubic would no longer think diabetes could be cured by eating a sugar free diet, and the public would FINALLY learn the difference between the various types of diabetes.

The question would no longer be (WWMDRLWD ) "What Would Madonna Do regarding Life Diabetes?" It would be, (WWMDRLWD) "What Wouldn’t Madonna Do Regarding Life With Diabetes?" Let's face folks, she'd do EVERYTHING and then some!

So go ahead, “express” and educate yourself regarding YOUR life with diabetes and become empowered in the process!

This gift will not only benefit you in the long run- but absolutely everyone you come in contact with!


Unknown said...

I'm such a dork I actually watched the episode last night w/ a pen and paper in hand so I could write down my favorite quotes. And boy did I get a list. :)I'm glad I have a fellow Gleek so I don't feel so crazy. LOL

Katie from SF said...

Amen, sista! Fantastic. Just fantastic. It was such a great episode, and I did feel all empowered after watching it! =)

Which is good b/c I am re-doing my basal testing today. Teehee.

Sarah and Sara said... rock. Loved this post. Love Glee, Love Madonna, love K2. YAY

George said...

I loved this episode. Madonna is awesome and Kelly, I may be alone on this but I swear you look like the material girl to me.

Anyhow, great post as always.

Penny said...

Oh how Glee rocks this house! I almost pee my pants every time Jane Lynch opens her mouth. I love me some musical numbers!