Wednesday, April 14, 2010

VOGUE + GLEE - With A Twist of D

So I'm a GLEEK- a total a GLEEK, from the very first episode. I couldn't wait for last nights episode and wasn't disappointed- IT WAS GREAT!

I did a lot of theater in H.S and after college and sang in the chorus all through grade and middle school. I was (and still am) considered a geek so I relate completely to the whole outsider aspect.

Believe it or not, yours truly encountered many a mean girl in high school - not so much because of my diabetes, but because of my theatrical talent and the fact that I wasn't very comfortable in my own skin. I was intimidated and shy (yes, I really was,) and I kept a lot in. My sister was sick, my home life was crazy, and theater was my outlet. I wanted to be anyone else but me and being on stage allowed that to happen.

I had some good friends, but it wasn't till my senior year when the Kelly you know now, the one who sticks up for herself and anyone else that needs sticking up for, came to be. I told those mean girls exactly what I thought of them, and where they could stick their attitude.

I'm also a COLOSSAL MADONNA fan - like HUGE. I've seen her in concert twice and she was amazing both times. Madonna's music and attitude gave, (and still gives) me confidence whenever I started to feel self doubt.

With all her many incarnations and changes, still remains who she is and I like and respect that about her.

The Above brilliant video was a preview for next weeks TOTAL MADONNA episode on GLEE.

Jane Lynch's Sue Slyvester doing Madonna's VOGUE video = FANTASTICAL BRILLIANCE and I can't wait for next weeks show!

What's this have to do with diabetes? Not much - I'm just incredibly excited.

But if I was to give it a Diabetes twist, the following questions come to mind.

1. When you go Vogue-ing (dancing) and "Let your body move too the music," do you take less insulin before your go out?

2. For those of you who wear a pump, what's the best way to keep your pump from flying out in the opposite direction while you "Strike a pose?"

3. And finally "Diazons with an attitude and Dia-fellows that are in the mood," how did you give "Good Face" when it comes to Diabetes ?


nan said... the post k2!! that show is both, so inappropriate and so outstanding!! so entertaining!

babscampbell said...

OOOOH! Thank you for posting this! My DVR cut it off at the end and I was SO disappointed!
I was a geek too, but a BAND geek. What's worse? I was the drum major, so that means I was the HEAD Band Geek! LOL
I was really shy in school too and got assertive after being assaulted when I was 19. I decided then, that I would never again be a victim and I think I've come a long way!
Thanks again for posting the video. Man, she looks AWESOME! You'd never know that was the same gym-hag! LOL

Cara said...

Last nights episode was so great! I was so amazed. And disturbed at the same time (was it weird to see Idina & Matthew making out?? Totally for me. It was like seeing Maureen from Rent and Link from Hairspray going at it...oh wait, that's what it was!!!).
I can't wait for next week. I've already pre-ordered the Glee Madonna CD. :) I'm expecting it a day or so after the episode airs. I can't wait.
You should have heard me yelling in my living room last night. You would have laughed your head off at me. :)

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Can't say I'm a huge Madonna or "Glee" fan, but I did fall in love with live thee-a-ter in my 20s. Never acted but I loved making the shows come to life as the props master & all around stagehand.

Kel, for some reason I have you pegged in my mind as Katy Perry, minus the whole "kissed a girl" thing (!). The feisty attitude, y'know? I mean it as a total compliment!

Rachel said...

Love. Love. Love. Glee. (And so does the husband, surprisingly enough.)

Rachel said...

Love. Love. Love. Glee. (And so does the husband, surprisingly enough.)

Shannon said...

That video was one of the best things I've seen in a LONG time. Loved the couple of word changes lol