Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kudos & Big Props

Kudos and big props to my diabetes, because it played nice and worked well with others yesterday.

As you know, yesterday was the day I had two molars removed. I was scared, nervous, and I kept having the same thought repeating over and over again in my mind: Will diabetes work with me today, or against me?

The Diabetes "force" was with me, in every sense of the term. I woke up yesterday morning with a bg of 132. I had my breakfast, worked all morning and arrived at the Dentist at 11:30 a.m. and was home by 1, sans two molars and the amazing & freakish ability to speak like Don Corleone without even trying.

my blood sugars didn't go above 128, and that's including 2 Vanilla Haagen Dazs & soy milk shakes I had for my lunch and dinner, per Dr's orders of course! ;)

It wasn't all unicorns and fairy dust. I did wake up low twice in the middle of the night at 12:30 a.m. & 4:50 a.m. - but still managed a 7 a.m breakfast reading of 128.

I'm popping my penicillin, drinking my yogurt, and testing my blood sugars like a mad woman.
I'm at work right now, and my blood sugar as of 20 minutes ago was 131.

As much as Diabetes has the potential to throw a "monkey wrench" in our day to day plans, when diabetes agrees to work with us during life's challenges, I'll be the first one to publicly acknowledge and say "thanks" to the Big D for playing nice.

And speaking of thanks,THANK YOU guys from the bottom of this big old fraidy cat's imperfect pancreas for all of your comments, tweets, fb, and emails of support!


Virtue said...

high fives, Big D! AND thanks for taking care of Kelly through her molar experience... keep up the good work!

Also, I'm glad you pulled through ok Kelly :)

Cara said...

Yay D! And yay Kelly! I told you you'd suvive. Now I will eventually need that same support cause I think I will eventually need my wisdom teeth out. ;)

Nan said...

God bless you k2 and the holes in your mouth...

Penny said...

Oh I would so love a video of you speaking like Don Corleone. When can we expect that to be posted???? :0)

Glad all went well and the Diabetic Goddess was with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it didn't give you too much grief - but those pesky lows!

Hope you are doing well.

chris bishop said...

So glad to hear that all went well on both D fronts (Dentist and Diabetes.)

Even though it doesn't happen enough, it is nice whn Diabetes plays nice.

Unknown said...

K2, I'm so glad to hear that everything went good. I hope you don't get too sick of ice cream and mushy stuff. Thinking of you and pulling for a speedy and not too painful recovery.

rachel said...

Yay, things went well! That control sounds awesome, even with the lows.