Monday, May 3, 2010

Diabetically Speaking

Platonically friendly, unless I'm not.
Ironically sardonic - like it or not.

Chronically OCD when it comes to checking
justfully compliant when it comes to testing.

Moretically speaking, yes indeed I've had my share.
Nirvanically speaking, damn straight I've been there!

Ancestrally I hale from a line who are quite alchemically challenged,
Whose Islets of Langerhans have become abysmally barren.

Technologically savvy because it's a must,
Yet longitudinally clueless- reading map directions a bust!

Anthropologically speaking, I'm part of clan
who are chronically diabetic,
Altruistically true.
Justifiably eccentric
Lyrically vocal;
Emphatic, and quite fantastical too!

Passionate Diabetes Advocates
Chronic protectors, bloggers and friends~

Many see us as litmus tests for diabetes patient type trends.

We are catalysts for acceptance, progress and change.

All of us are friends and know one another by name.

Our voices are strong,
We speak from the heart.

So listen up close and hear what we say.
Because until there's a cure,
We're not going away.


Meri said...

Amen sistah! Love this!!

Rachel said...

funny and touching all in one...

Unknown said...

Ditto what Rachel said! Funny and touching all in one!