Friday, June 11, 2010

Carb Free Cupcakes Courtesy of Cara - Say that 3 Times Fast!

Actual Aerial footage of my gift of Carb Free Cupcakes & wonderful card - hovercraft angle~

Actual Aerial footage of the Magical carb-free cupcakes courtesy of Cara
Long distance shot -
Both images courtesy of Kelly's iPhone

So the other day I came home from work and was rushing to go right back out, I found a box from Tennessee in my mailbox.

I opened the package and was excited to find a box full of carb-free crayon cupcakes and a lovely card from Cara over at Every Day Every Hour Every Minute.

We in the DOC are Cupcake and bacon loving folk - always have, always will be!
I can actually bolus for cupcakes better than pasta.

This box of mini carb free cupcakes wasn't just a lovely & thoughtful gift that I appreciated very much, but an environmentally friendly one as well. WHY? because these cupcakes are made from recycled crayons.

After my friends daughter & I colored with them, I can tell you from experience that these cupcakes do the job of coloring VERY well!

You want in on a free box of carb free cupcakes courtesy of Cara? YES, I dare you to say that last sentence three times fast, then click here and enter Cara's Carb-Free Cupcake Contest!

They are totally "bolus worthy" without the bolus.

FYI: I know I don't need to tell you this, but you can't eat these cupcakes. While I doubt you'd be poisoned, it's a pretty safe bet that you'd have a wicked bellyache and rainbow hued poo!


Cara said...

Thanks for the mention Kelly! :) I am so glad you liked them.

FatCatAnna \\^^// said...

I am so into those cup cakes (love the poo comment) - I'm going to see if I can enter the contest - again - may have to use my USA friends address - since alas - I live north of the border - but darn - I want to colour with my own personal CUPCAKES! Now I'm hungry for the real thing.

Jasmine said...

I was so excited when I saw this...until I read the part about not being able to eat them. Bummer :)

Rachel said...

ROTFL on poo.

I need to buy some crayons...

Karen said...

Aren't they sweet???? Cara was kind enough to send me a box of them too. You'll see them on my blog tomorrow. :) Enjoy your crayon cupcakes!!

Unknown said...

SO COOL! That Cara, she's pretty neat. :-)