Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmm? - The Start of Summer Edition

Things That Make Me Go Hmmmmmm?

It’s been a while since I’ve published my list of things (diabetes related and otherwise) that I just don’t understand no matter how much I try.

These following things make me go Hmmmmmmm...

The insulin Dawn Phenomenon – Don’t get it, don’t understand it completely,don’t like experiencing it.

Why do people think that those of us with type 1 Diabetes have “the bad kind?"

Why are people so bat shit over someone named Justin Bieber ?

How come my blood sugars can be all sorts of perfecto and than go completely nutburgers for no reason what so ever?

For the life of me, I don't understand why my wonderful, smart, and beautiful 14-year-old cousin is obsessed with the Kardashians

Why is anyone obsessed with the Kardashians?

What’s with used test strip always ending up every place except the trash can?

I have no idea what I’d do for a Klondike Bar, but I do have a whole list of things I wouldn’t do for a Klondike Bar:

  1. I wouldn’t sell my soul to the devil
  2. Commit any type of illegal acts- let your imagination run the gambit here folks, the list of illegal acts is way to long to go into detail
  3. Shave my head and get a map of the world tattoo on said shaved head
  4. “Dance with the devil in the pale moon light”
  5. Bungee jump off a bridge, building or cliff
  6. Walk or crawl through broken glass
  7. Swim in shark infested waters
  8. Walk into a lions den
  9. Fight a grizzly bear
  10. Spend 24 hours in the desert sans food, water, sunscreen, and tent
  11. Wrestle an alligator
  12. Knowingly walk into a den of circus clowns
  13. Watch any of the Hellraiser movies
  14. Break bread with racists
  15. Eat tripe or chickens feet
  16. Sky Dive
  17. Listen/watch Glen Beck
  18. Listen/watch Rush Limbaugh
  19. Follow Justin Bieber’s tweets
  20. Listen to people perpetuate diabetes myths and stereotypes and not utter a single word.

Why the hell was this article about a little 11-year-old boy who's England's youngest Bee Keeper with “severe diabetes” even allowed to be published? It’s wrong on every diabetes and journalistic level possible! It’s perpetuating diabetes myths and stereotypes to the public and giving them the wrong diabetes info.

The person who wrote should either be fired for writing sensationalist tripe or write a retraction and redo the story with a positive diabetes spin and correct diabetes facts!

Why are food manufacturers downsizing the foods and raising the prices?

Why is Hollywood doing remakes of EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN? I just saw stills from the Mildred Pierce remake and rumor has it “My Fair Lady” is the next movie to get a makeover! Give us a break!

How come insurance companies only allow us to get new insulin pumps once every four years? Seriously, that’s ridiculous! It’s an intimate object that we wear 23 hours out of 24, 7 days a week. It gets bumped, banged, and bungee pumped (shoutout to for Bungee Pumping ref) daily. If we put the wear and tare on a car, it would implode into a million pieces of scrap metal in 1 year’s time. Time to rethink your insulin pump limits insurance folks!


Cara said...

No one will ever bet Audrey in My Fair Lady. I have the double disc special anniversary edition DVD. I love it. :) I <3 Audrey. :)

Rachel said...

Justin Bieber..ehh.


dawn phenomenon...UGGHH

George said...

OMG number 12 scared the shit out of me. I pictured that den!!!!!!

Pieces of My Life said...

Just the title of that article makes me want to SCREAM!!!

(And great post. Made me grin.)


Renata Porter said...

My favorite question isn't "Is it the bad kind" it's the "Oh, well how bad is it?" WTF???

The DiabeticDuo

Unknown said...

Loved it. Great post! The "bad kind"... Pfft. Whatever. Yes, that "journalist" should be reprimanded - so, this Type 1 journalist will now write a letter to that England reporter explaining and requesting a clarification. Oh, and dawn phenom, I curse you. Truly, with every ounce of my body to the point of being illegal (but not quite illegal enough to get a Klondike bar - ooo ooo!)

Meri said...

You. Go. Girl.

That's all I got to say. :)

The poor diabetic said...

I know what I would do with klondite bar. Just ask that daily mirror

Becca said...

heh - thanks for helping me start my day off with a smile!

Karen said...

LOL, agreed on all counts. (Except that I kind of know what my hubby's obsession with the Kardashians is. I has nothing to do with their minds.) And thanks for the Bungee Pumping shout-out!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Exactly what I've been thinking!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that article was so ridiculous!! A tube that feeds into his stomach? A teaspoon of Honey could kill us? WTF?

Loved the post, I don't understand any of it either!

Kaitake said...

Excellent post! :) I love when I tell someone I've got diabetes and before I can say anything else they cut me off and tell me how their grandfather/uncle/ancient relative (who obviously has T2 - you can tell by how they describe it) has diabetes and they know all about it and they understand. Yeah right. :P

Anonymous said...

Did you say "nutburgers"?

Unknown said...

Ha! I loved this!

Naomi said...

You are super cool in my book! I love gettin' some laughs coming over to your blog!!! Keep up the good work, you make me want to do better at managing T1 for myself-cuz I have no idea some of the d'isms you are talkin' about like BS Nirvana! Before I can get a pump which I am not sure I want, I must get better control of my BS. literally.