Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Diabetes Heads Up!

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The past few days have given me a diabetes heads up so to speak – and I’m grateful for that!

Since Monday morning I’ve been battling elevated blood sugars. Nothing alarming - but I’ve been hovering between the 170s & 190s and just can’t seem to shake them.

On Monday evening I started increasing my temp basal rates on ye olde insulin pump, and I’ve been watching the bgs like a hawk stalking its prey.

And it’s a good thing I did, because Wednesday morning I woke up with a horse throat,a stuffy nose and a general feeling of “God I wish I could go back to bed!”

But because I’d been diligent about watching my stubborn bgs and keeping them under 200, I think I actually fought off something much worse.

Look, we all know that diabetes is a pain in the ass, both literally and figuratively, but sometimes it gives us gifts, besides the fantastical Diabetes On-line Community, empathy,being able to spot the diabetes police at 100 yards and the ability to shoot up insulin through our clothes.

Seriously, being able to track blood sugars and fight off severe highs that can turn into long term organ damage and ketoacidosis are huge gifts in themselves.

BUT being able to track blood sugars that can prevent the cold/ infection our body is currently fighting is also pretty fantastical.

So YES, I choose to look on the bright side of having a cold.

  1. I was able to prevent my cold from turning into something worse
  2. I can still go to work
  3. My numbers haven’t gone above 190 or below 65 – except for the crazy low last night at dinner, which I believe was caused by increasing my temporary basal rate and then bolusing for a tuna salad at dinner. NOTE TO SELF: You always run low after eating fish and you know that! Just because the fish you ate for dinner last night came out of a can doesn’t change that fact silly girl!
  4. My voice sounds even more flinty; husky & sexy than it normal - which is always a good thing ;)
  5. And obviously, from the above sentence, I still have my humor ;)


Unknown said...

Feel better soon Kelly! AND I think the fish out of a can thing not counting as fish, counting as fish comment was too funny. If that makes any sense what-so-ever.

Cara said...

There are sunny sides to everything. :) a

Jim said...

And how is "B. I can still go to work" a plus? Usually when someone asks, "Aren't you missing work?" the reply should be, "I'm not really missing it...." :)

Feel better K2!

Pieces of My Life (Elizabeth) said...

Yay for sexy voices! You're so hot already the voice must set you over the edge to HAWT...!

But OMG, I have the same issue with fish dropping me low. I'd never heard that from anybody else. Only some kinds of fish, fishes like salmon seem to be fine. Do you have any idea why?

Hope you feel better soon (but get to keep the HAWT voice...)

Today's Triumph said...

I love the positive attitude you've taken to defeating your cold!

Unknown said...

Well, thank goodness for SEXY voices :)

I hope you feel better soon....and I hate fish. Seriously. Yuck.

But I still love ya girl :)

Meri said...

For sure, the best part of the cold is the sexy voice. And bravo to you for keeping things in perspective! Get better soon k2!