Thursday, November 18, 2010


D-isms: Things and or happenings that only occur when a person has diabetes and are best understood by others who live with diabetes.

Infusion sets never rip out unless:

A. You’ve just put them in

B. Your walking by a doorknob

C. It gets caught on your emergency break

D. You’re getting romantical with your significant other

E. You don’t have a replacement infusion set on hand.

When your infusion set starts to itch, your going to have to change it – like really soon.

When you reach Blood Sugar Nirvana after a crazy carb filled meal that you have absolutely no idea how to bolus for and feel all types of confident because Blood Sugar Nirvana has been reached. It’s then that the diabetes gods get all medieval on you and cast you into Dante’s 7 layers of Blood Sugar Hell for a meal/snack you always bolus correctly for.

When you find glucose tabs on sale for a ridiculously low price, it’s never for the flavor you like. In fact 90 % of the time, it’s for the flavor that causes your gag reflex to go crazy!

The one time you don’t carry a spare battery for your pump, is the one time that you’re going to need it.

That last bottle of insulin that’s been indestructible up until now, will fall and shatter on the bathroom floor the day before your refill is allowed to be filled.

According to my studies, 9 times out of 10, meeting a stranger with an insulin pump causes the phenomenon known as Bumping Pumps to occur.

When you finally find (and by in bulk) the perfect snack to carry around with you:

A. The manufacturer stops making it

B. The price goes up

C. You get so sick of eating said “perfect snack” that the very sight of it makes you physically ill and you end up throwing out ½ of what you bought because you stopped eating them and they went bad.

When you start tweeting about #diabetes, all sorts of snake oil/miracle cure,” buy my brand” type tweeters will start following you on both Twitter and Face Book. They will act like your friend and then try and sell you, hard. As will many miracle weight loss tweeters.

FYI: Do your homework as to who they are and what their diabetes connection/brand is. And if they don’t answer your questions or don't give you a straight answer, BLOCK THEM.

Just when you feel like you’re the most alone in your life with diabetes, you discover the Diabetes On-line Community and realize that your not~

Do you have any other #Disms come to mind?


Cara said...

That last one... totally the best. :)

Ashley Rose said...

I'm SO with you about the snacks. Whenever I find a snack or breakfast food that's really d-friendly and yummy, I get all strung out on it and get to the point where I can't even stand the sight of it anymore.

And I totally agree with Cara - the last one is the best :)

Pieces of My Life (Elizabeth) said...

How about finding a test strip by your feet, not knowing whether it's new or used so testing just to see if it'll work? (And then when it works re-testing with a fresh strip, because you have no idea how old the strip was that you'd just used...)

My snack-du-jour was Special K bars...I bought them whenever they were on sale and carried them everywhere. But now, ugh, the thought of them makes me nauseous. (Of course I have five unopened boxes in my cabinets, which I'm pretty sure will never be eaten...)

Lizzie said...

These are all so true!! I definitely laughed and nodded in agreement with each one. Especially the ones about pump sites! Of course they are always needed at the most inconvenient times...

Penny said...

OmniPods never have failure alarms, unless you have recently placed it on your daughter, filled with 125 units of insulin, which then means it will immediately start alarming.

The minute you change your daughter's basal rates to accommodate a growth spurt, the growth spurt will stop and you will be forcing your child awake in the middle of the night to drink juice boxes and eat pudding.

Val said...

You never get a gusher unless you are wearing white.

Even if it's flat before and after, during your CGMS warm-up period your BG will hit either 400 or 30.

Enjoyed yours too : )

George said...

LOL! So true!!!

Scott Strange said...

HA! you made me giggle!

Meri said...

You made me laugh out loud on every one of these! So true! Batteries always die at the WORST times!

We did have a pump battery die at Target once...that was serindipitous!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Ha! I love this list K2!