Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's My 3rd Blogiversary & Here Are 6th Things I Want You To Know About Diabetes On D-Blog Day!

I can’t believe that the blog is 3 years old!! It’s seems like only yesterday when I wrote my first post and was a raving & ranting lunatic about The Berry weaning herself off insulin!

When I started, I had no idea what I was doing, or that there was such a huge (and awesome) Diabetes On-line Community. I just needed a place to vent and I’d heard rumblings about this thing called “A Blog.” And the fact that setting up a blog was so darn easy, I took the plunge! I didn't have much on-line etiquette at first, and it took me a while to discover the DOC, but I'm still here - and loving every minute of it!

Blogging about diabetes has given me a community, reignited my diabetes passion to inform and educate others about living life with diabetes, and it's steered my career in a Diabetes centric direction and focus.

I'm still not always quite sure what I’m doing, but I do know that whatever I'm doing, I'm doing so with a passion and I’m so grateful to be part of such a fantastical and powerful community!

Over the past three years I’ve learned so much from others regarding both diabetes and life. Blogging has made me a better person, a healthier person with diabetes, and blogging has enhanced my writing skills. Diabetes Blogging has also made my voice louder than I ever thought possible! Which is pretty damn loud considering that I have quite a set of lungs!

So thanks for reading, supporting, giving me your shoulder to cry on when needed, always making me laugh, and continuing to teach me something new every day.

And thank you for making me strive to be better and achieve more in every aspect of my life.

I love you guys so much!

BTW, I just read that Rachel over at Tales Of Rachel is celebrating her Blogaversary today too! 5 years of blogging - OUTSTANDING! So go on over there and wish her a Happy Blogaversary!

Today is the 6th annual D-Blog Day - I kid you not! Gina created D-Blog Day in order to unite all the diabetes bloggers and to educate the public about diabetes, during National Diabetes Month! Good job Gina!

This years D-Blog Day theme is: 6 Things I want you To Know About Diabetes.

Here Are The 6th Things I Want You To Know About Living With Diabetes!

  1. Diabetes is NOT a character flaw. While it’s true that many characters have diabetes, including myself. Being a person with diabetes doesn't make you a bad person, a terrible judge of character, a lazy sugar addict, or person who lacks quality.
  2. Being a person with diabetes does not make me weaker or less capable of working and living a full life. Yes, there are times when diabetes makes me feel like crap, but that doesn’t make me any less capable- on the contrary, it makes me more determined then ever to do a great job and live a great life!
  3. Don’t ask a person with diabetes “Are you sure your allowed to eat that?” because like the rest of the population – we can pretty much anything – in moderation. Seriously, I don’t know many people over the age of 30 who can eat whatever they want, so stop judging us on what we put in our mouths. Instead, why not ask: Is your diet restricted because of diabetes? OR I’m totally confused by what a person with diabetes can or can’t eat. Can you explain it to me?
  4. As a person living with diabetes, I’m constantly doing Diabetes Math and calculating the carbs of every scrap of food I put into my body so I can figure out how much insulin to take to cover that food. This makes me good at multi-tasking. Not because I want to be, but because I have to be. So next time you and I are out to dinner and we’re deep in conversation, keep in mind that I will secretly be eyeballing and calculating carbs while gushing over your child’s baby pics or laughing at your last nightmare blind date!
  5. There is NO CURE FOR DIABETES. Yes, insulin allows me to live, but insulin is not a cure. I’m alive because of insulin, but if I don’t take my insulin, I’m dead, “sleeping with the fishes,” Je suis morte, & fini. And even with insulin, I'm still at risk for all type of diabetes complications.
  6. Finally, If you have any questions about diabetes, don’t be afraid to ask, because that’s what I’m here for! After 33 years of living with type 1 diabetes, I know a thing a two about the subject! And in all honesty, I’d rather you ask a diabetes question then continue to perpetuate diabetes myths or stereotypes!


Windy said...

Happy Blogaversary!!

Cara said...

I LOVE #4. :) I love shocking people w/ my enormous knowledge of all things carby and shocking them when I can eyeball something and usually get it w/in 10 grams of carbs or so. LOL

Cara said...

Oh, and I really felt like I read 2 blog posts there...cause I totally forgot to wish you a Happy Blogiversary! :)

Nicole said...

Happy Blogaversary!! and great list!!

Meri said...

Happy Happy Blogaversary Dear Kelly K! You have always been an inspiration to me, and I look forward to more years of inspiration from you!

Love the list...and yeah, agreed. Just ask. It is WAY better than guessing what diabetes is all about!

Mike said...

Happy Blogaversary!! Kelly you are a true star and respect you have gained from the respect that you have shown for others make you a truly outstanding person.

My only regret is not getting involved and meeting up with the DOC sooner!

Here's to lots and lots of more years advocating Diabetes..

Saludos Mike

Bernard Farrell said...

Happy Blogaversary Kelly. How long ago did we meet at the DRI event in New York? That must have been about 3 years ago. Thanks for being such an awesome voice on the DOC, it really wouldn't be the same without you.

Crystal said...

Happy Blogiversary, Kelly!!! So glad you started ranting and continue to do so. LYLB!

Great list, too!

Unknown said...

Such a blessing to have found you....and CONGRATS on your BLOGaversary!

Awesome list...you are an incredible inspiration to me and I love your blog!

Kerri. said...

Cheers to three years, chica!!

christopher said...

Happy Blogaversary. I think I need a few more years before my multitasking skills are on par.

Penny said...

Happy 3rd Blogaversary K!!!! You are an inspiration and an amazing woman (who just by the way, perchance, has d) and I count you as a wonderful friend. Thank you for always inspiring and always, always, making me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Love it, Kelly! Happy Blogoversary! Looks like USA has a rival -> The DOC, tune in for a cast of characters unlike what you'll find anywhere else.

Rachel said...

And a happy blogiversary to you as well... :)

Sandra Miller said...

Well said, Kelly - you are an inspiration!

And hey, Happy Blogiversary!

Unknown said...

WOOT on 3 years...and I love the SIX...the math..the eyeballing carb counts while out to dinner. You are a D-Rock-STAR sistah!

George said...

Aww, its like your blog is now a little toddler. Congrats!

Keep um coming K2.


Anonymous said...

Love your stuff!!! Happy Blogaversary and many more!