Friday, December 10, 2010

SOS - Internet Is Down!!!!

The ramblings of an Internet deprived D-O-C member, who managed to scratch out a post via her iPhone and Shozu app. It ain't pretty!

Stuck here at work,
And the blasted Internet is down.
I can't access my blogger account,
No matter how hard I try
And unable to upload today's prepared post,
This D chick's about to cry!

If it wasn't for my iPhone
I wouldn't have a clue,
But at least I can access my Facebook, Shozu blog app & email- so they will just have to do.

I'm cut off from "The Twitter,"
And my fabu DOC crew.
Yes, I'm a little bitter,
But hey, wouldn't you be 2?

The daily contact with the DOC,
Keeps each of us from being a lonely PWD.

Miss you so much & hope to reboot in few...
Because this Diazon can't wait to hear the latest dish from each & everyone of you!

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Scott Strange said...

Separated from her DOC, the diazon moved slowly towards the interwebs.

Hearing a slight hum, she freezes, not knowing what approaches but knowing that her diazonnesness will serve her well whether it be fight or flight

Smelling snake oil, she smiles and thinks "Fight, oh yes, it will be fight"

Lora said...


Unknown said...

Nice Kelly...hope you are back in contact soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the best laid plans... We miss you, Kel, but know you're off fighting the good fight whatever it may be. See you when the internet is cooperating!

Unknown said...

I hope it's better soon!!!!!!

Love your rhymes. They're, like, SO freaking Diabetonese Cool.