Friday, January 7, 2011

Diabetesalicious - Lite - First Edition of 2011

Diabetesalicious Lite First Edition of 2011!

Well, the year started with a BANG. Ricki Lake misspoke on GMA and referred to Juvenile Diabetes as being preventable - which of course it isn't.
But thanks to the loud and tenacious voices of the Diabetes On-line community, not only did she apologize, but she did so in a very public way!!
First on The Joy Behar Show, where Ricki's apology (which I believe was incredibly sincere) was rudely cut off by Joy Beyhar and her very unfunny Charles Manson joke.
Sidebar: I refuse to link to Joy's show.
And this morning, GMA read an apology from Ricki. While I wasn't home to hear the apology and I can't wait to find the video on youtube! , I'm glad that both GMA and Ricki stepped up to the diabetes plate.
So many celebrates and news organizations and websites get diabetes wrong (Halle, Oprah & Dr OZ and The Onion, just to name a few) and then refuse to make their diabetes mistakes right. Team Ricki, didn't run in another direction, no they ran towards making things right.

I did speak with Ricki Lake's publicist Bill Harrison again yesterday, and I believe that out of a something negative, Team Ricki will continue to turn (and learn) their mistake into something positive for our community.

Speaking of positive, Scott Johnson writes about his The DOC and Children With Diabetes wanting the same things, HERE.

Continuing with the positive, Karen over at BitterSweet Diabetes talks about 3 fortunes & the WEGO Blog Carnival - inspiring stuff, so check it out!!

Speaking of inspiring, Meri, over at Our Diabetic Life wrote a post that allowed this former child with diabetes to once again, see what our parents go through. I cried, I learned, and you will to! Thanks Meri!
Click HERE and have a tissue handy.

Today, January 7th, is National I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day - Don't even get me started started folks!

And to help with stress, January 8th is - I'm so down with that!



Karen said...

Thanks for the shout-out, kitten!!! I do hope people are inspired by the fortune / quotes. :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I think it is really great of Ricki and her team to try and do the right thing. I appreciate all of the work and energy YOU put into that too.

Anonymous said...


You rock for reaching out to Ricki Lake and her staff. Great post you mentioned:)