Monday, January 24, 2011

Point, Click & Shift My Ass!

This morning, the alarm went of even louder than normal. I slowly got out of bed and immediately wanted to jump back in. After all, today is Monday - and a crazy Code Blue one at that! I looked at the temperature on my iphone - 9 degrees - FOR REAL. Yes, it was neither fit for woman or beast outside. Inside, the heat was on and my comforter was warm and dare I say, down right comfy? But I'm a grownup (though many would beg to differ), so I got up, tested, bolused, made coffee and jumped in the shower.
I got dressed and put on my favorite (and warm) cashmere chartreuse green sweater and black trousers. I clipped my hair back and put my face on; packed my lunch, put on my coat, scarf, gloves & beret, grabbed my work bag and headed out the door. My Honda Accord started and shifted into PARK with no problem. Ever so faintly, the little voice in my head whispered: Hmmm, maybe the whole shift from park to drive issue from previous winters had fixed itself.
Now I love my Honda, and much like Mary Poppins, it's practically perfect in every way - Except for one detail, but I digress.

Traffic was light, parking wasn't an issue and walked into work 10 minutes early was feeling all sorts of groovy.
15 minutes later as I was going over the day's schedule, I brushed my hand against my thigh and felt my infusion set.... and immediately realized that my insulin pump was not clipped to my hip, but sitting on the night table in my bedroom.
I told my boss that I needed to go home and get my pump, and he completely understood.
I ran out the door and to my car, unlocked the door, slid in and put the key in the ignition and heard my engine purr. BUT.....I couldn't get my car out of PARK no matter how hard I tried!

Sidebar: For some reason, whenever it gets insanely cold, I can't shift out of PARK for a few minutes. According to the Internet, (which has pages and pages devoted to the Honda shifting from PARK to DRIVE in cold weather phenomenon) I'm not the only person who suffers with the whole Honda PARK to DRIVE issue.


So there I sat, screaming in, and at my car as I frantically tried shifting from PARK into DRIVE with no success.
I'm sure if anyone was walking by, they'd think I was CRAY 2 The Z. And I have to admit, that's exactly how I felt!

Finally, after letting the car warm up for 5 minutes (which felt like 5 hours) I was able to shift into drive and get on the road. Luckily, I live relatively close to my contract job, so I was able to get home, get in, and grab my pump super quick, and for some reason, the Car Gods decided to play nice, and I was able to shift from PARK into DRIVE with no problem.

I made it back to work and didn't miss a beat. But as I sit here and type this story between work files, phone calls and the likes there of, the one thought that keeps running through my mind is: THANK GOD HONDA DOESN'T MAKE INSULIN PUMPS.


SarahK said...

I agree. I used to have a Honda (I miss it VERY much) and had the same issue. They DEFINATELY need to fix that issue and NEVER go into making insulin pumps!!!

FP said...

I don't use a pump (MDI), but I've had a few incidents of leaving my pack of supplies across town at someone else's house. The other night my husband drove off with my supplies in the car, which I needed for the meal I was about to eat.

Penny said...

Whew! Glad you made it! And I am also glad they don't make pumps! And that Insulet doesn't make cars, for that matter too :0)

Renata said...


AmyT said...

Phew! I thought this post header was about some new D-device that imploded on you. But then again, autos can kill... yipes!

Your Sister in Snark,

Scott S said...

For what it's worth, this not-so-little problem does NOT exist for 5-speed manual transmission Hondas (you might guess that I've had several Hondas over the years, all of which were 5-speeds). Still, it's a weird thing when such a common occurrence as cold weather can really screw up the mechanics of an otherwise very well-engineered device like a car. The FDA is a bit stricter with medical devices (with good reason), but I think having a robust, competitive market in pumps goes a long way towards helping ensure this won't be the case. If you don't like Medtronic/Minimed, you can get a pump from J&J/Animas, Roche/Disetronic/Accu-Chek/Mendingo, or from Insulet, Nipro or even Sooil. Choice=lower prices and better quality products, while lack of choice usually means the opposite. Now, hopefully we'll someday have more choice from insulin suppliers, too!!

April said...

Kelly, I love your blog!! I had a similar instance a couple of summers ago when I was an intern. I could not believe I forgot to hook it back up...haven't made that mistake since ;-)

meanderings said...

I'm happy they don't make pumps, also.
It's a pain to forget stuff at home.

Hallie Addington said...

Amen Sister! It's freezing here too! Stay warm!