Friday, January 14, 2011

Tomorrow I Renew My Gym Membership - And It's Because Of Scott Johnson

Tomorrow I renew my Gym membership - and I owe it all to Mr. Scott K. Johnson!

As I've state many times, my physical activity level (i.e) exercise is not where it needs to be.
And while it's true that I haven't gained any weight, certain fat clusters have.... shifted so to speak.
And then there's the whole Diabetes Burnout & a1c needing to be lowered iss-ues I've been experiencing as of late.

BOTTOM LINE: Girlfriend needs to get her ass in gear and GET MOVING.

So what does Mr. Scott K. Johnson have to do with this?? Scottie J & I were talking on the phone the other day and Scott was saying how great he was feeling because of working out. He'd played Basket Ball earlier that day and was feeling spectacular!

He sounded so happy and as his friend, I was happy for him! And his happiness and enthusiasm also made me remember how good I used to feel after working out on a consistent basis. I miss feeling like that - as do my ab & ass muscles!

He didn't preach, he just talked with me about all sorts of things, and the happiness in his voice inspired me.

Many of my friends sans diabetes workout & many of them don't. And as my wonderful and well meaning friends - they ALL stress the importance of working out because of my diabetes.

But my friends with diabetes seem to understand the struggle of maintaining not just the workout routine, the control, working through the burnout and frustration and everything else that diabetes brings to the table of life on a daily basis. And it's my friends with diabetes that seem to help me turn the corner and get back on the road called: KELLY KICKS ASS.

So tomorrow, I re-up my gym membership - And I owe it all to Scottie J!
Thanks for the inspiration my brother in bacon!!


Rachel said...


If this home workout thing doesn't start producing results soon, I'm so joining a gym.

George said...

Scott's exercise escapades make me want to work out every time I hear about it.

I just need to stop and do it. I am running all the time and it is not the running I should be doing.

Hopefully soon I can get on this bandwagon too! It's a good one to be on.


Unknown said...

I started exercising and drinking plain old water this past Monday. I had a hit a plateau in my weight loss and it was just what I needed. I've also noticed that after my circuits I stay at 96 for hours. I'd have killed for that in the past. I was constantly going low and high, low and high. I'm hoping that stays the case. So it's possible to figure out how to exercise and not crash. Good luck to you. Now I needed someone to put it together for me, because I'm a couch potato. So I found that Jillian's site helps. All the meal plans and fitness stuff, suport ect that I need in one place. I just have to put the effort in. Which I'm doing with reluctance but I"m seeing the weight come off and that makes me less reluctant. I may turn physically active yet. :)

Mike said...

Good for you K2!!! Now it's time to earn your bacon (sorry George). 【ツ】

Scott K. Johnson said...

Nice!!!! Thank you SO MUCH K2!

I had no idea that little impromptu conversation would help so much. :-)

Here's the thing for me. I haven't lost weight, but I feel so much better when I exercise. And it does bring many new variables into the mix as far as diabetes is concerned, it is usually worth it for me just from how I feel.

Way to go Kelly! This is one thing I'll totally take the fall for. :-)

Anonymous said...

That's it. I so need to get on this wagon. Been putting off exervise, walking or otherwise, for way too long And I even have a dog, so what a way to start. The inspiration carries on!

Ronnie Gregory said...

aww chucks now I have to dust off that ol gym membership of mine coz am not being left behind this year...

Kelly said...

Sounds like ME! I got lost on KELLY KICK ASS road last summer!
-GASP- Funny how we remember how good it feels to be consistently working out, yet we take these long breaks.....

Cindy said...

Kelly, I'm honestly the biggest cream puff ever! I have never enjoyed working out and you never would have caught me at the gym. Until October, when I decided to go with the whole 28 (or 30) days that it takes to make a new habit. I went every day, for an hour. And now, I can't go more than 3 days without working out or I get cranky! It's amazing what that little amount of exercise can do for your health!

Good luck with it and I can't wait to hear about all of your gym escapades!

Renata said...

You GO K2!!! As soon as I figure out what's going on with my breathing I am right there with you. But I can't do the gym, people annoy me!

Unknown said...

YOU GO GIRL! Go show that gym who is in charge...and D too :)