Monday, January 17, 2011

Haley Van Schaick Is Naturally Sweett - And One Smart Diazon!

Haley Van Schaick is "Naturally Sweett!"

Today's guest Blogger is Haley Van Schaick. Haley is a fantastical type 1 teen who started her blog, Naturally Sweett 3 months ago.

I first found out about Haley when she introduced herself to me by leaving a comment on my blog.
Turn's out, I've known Haley's best friend (the fabulous Isabella T) since she was born!
Isabella's mom was my sister Cathy's college roommate- I know, I know - Six degrees of diabetic bacon!

Anywho, I looked for Haley's team at the 2010 Philly JDRF walk last October because I knew Isabella was walking for Team Haley. Unfortunately, there was like 8000 people there and we never hooked up.

Haley's a Diazon in every sense of the word. She's fabulous; articulate, smart, funny, and hearing her perspective of life with diabetes brings back a lot of memories - Except for the fact that girlfriend is much more together than I was at her age!
And I really love the fact that Haley is sharing her experiences with the Diabetes On-line community!

And I continually learn from her posts.

If you haven't read her blog: YOU NEED TO!
If you do, then you know what I'm talking about!

AND PS: Haley said some awesomely flattering things! And I appreciate her kind words very much! But said kind words were not a requirement and no bribes and or Jonas/Beiber tickets were exchanged ;)
Take it away Haley!

I've been given an amazing opportunity to guest post here at Diabetesaliciousness! I started my blog, NaturallySweet just three months ago.

Since then, I have been able to talk with so many amazing diabetics and D-moms.

Kelly inspires me because through her posts, I can see she lives her life the way she wants to –and is not limited by D.

I am a teenager, a sister, a High School sophomore, a best friend, a performer, and I just happen to be a diabetic.

Being part of the DOC I has taught me that diabetes is just part of my life- but it's not my whole life.

I can be whoever I want to be because D does not limit me.

I have been a type 1 since I was 11, and I’m 16 now.

Being diagnosed was scary, I didn’t know anyone with diabetes and I didn’t like being labeled as ‘different’!

I had a really hard time accepting the person who I am now. But In the last 5 years I've attended diabetes camp and I’m currently a Junior Ambassador for JDRF.

As a Junior Ambassador for JDRF, I have an important job. A few times a year I get the chance to attend company meetings and events that are raising money for the cure.

My job is to share my own story of how diabetes affects me and how important finding a cure is.

In the past 5 years, I've met many diabetics - and I’ve never met one yet who wasn’t friendly or open to talking with me!

I try to make every diabetic I meet part of my family.

My mom is the person responsible for introducing me to the DOC. The first blog post she ever sent me was: “I Want You To Know” by Meri over at OurDiabeticLife


After I read Meri’s post, I was so inspired by this idea of “blogging”.

Up until then, I never considered that blogging about diabetes would interest others.

I never considered blogging as a way to tell others how I was feeling about my life with diabetes. And I never even imagined that I could blog just sitting in my bed while on facebook.

I started NaturallySweet right after I read Meri's post – And for a while, my only viewer was my mom. But blogging made me so happy!

My goal in life is to be able to help as many diabetics as I possibly can.

I want to be able to hold their hands and tell them they aren’t alone in their diabetes.

Being part of the DOC has made living with diabetes a lot easier for me.

Reading peoples posts about their highs and lows makes me feel like I fit in. I feel so blessed that I can get to know all these people!

Thanks for reading my guest post and enjoy the snow! I know I am!



Penny said...

Oh Haley it's a pleasure to meet you! Thank you Kelly for having her guest post here! My gal, Grace, is just 8 years old and Type 1 since age 6. I hope that one day she grows up to have your grace, your strength and your attitude towards diabetes. Congrats on blogging, can't wait to read more of you!

Alexis Nicole said...

what an amazing girl! Im headed to your blog right now now! Thank you for sharing your story and I look forward to getting to know you. :)

And K2 ''diabetic bacon'' lol!

Kim said...

Great minds think alike... I mentioned one of Haley's posts on my blog on Friday! :) We're so glad to have you in the DOC family, Haley!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being a part of the DOC, Haley! Great to meet you via guest-blogging here, and will have to head on over to your place in this ever-expanding online world. Oh, and Kelly - the "six degrees of diabetes bacon" is simply awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and I am glad to know that you are blogging! Heading there now! ((hugs))

Meri said...

Haley is an amazing person with a spirit that lights even the darkest days. She is an inspiration and an adoring advocate for the cause.

Sending all my love to the diazons of the world...Haley and Kelly included!

Tina said...

Haley it's a pleasure to meet you. I wasn't diagnosed till I was 21. It amazes me that someone your age has such a positive outlook. Some of my blogs have had 1 comment, some as many as 15. It ebbs and flows. You are a terrific writer though, so I see you becoming very popular. Keep smiling and welcome to the DOC!

Kelly, awesome choice for a guest blog. She rocks! Oh and the bacon- wow, going to use that one lol