Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 Things You May Or May Not Know About Me~

The 10 Things Meme. You guys know a lot about me, and vice a versa. So I thought maybe I'd share some things that you might not know. Some are diabetes related, some are not, but all are true~


1. I’ve never eaten Kentucky Fried Chicken in my life – EVER. And yours truly has no plans to start now.

I’m totally serious. My dad had a heart attack when I was five, so I grew up eating lots of chicken sans the skin. As a kid, the thought of KFC grossed me out. I never even ate chicken with the skin on it until I was 21. I still don’t like chicken skin, unless I’m eating really spicy chicken wings!

2. Every time someone on TV or in the movies gets a needle, I turn away. I just get so sad seeing someone else getting a shot. And yes, as a type 1 pwd for 30 + years, I realize the irony.

3. I’m one of the few people in the world who has actually watched the movie JAWS on a full size movie screen while sitting on the beach at night. Yep, true story! Two summers ago, the city of Ventnor, in South Jersey would host a weekly Movie On The Beach night, with a full screen and MC. People brought their families; dates, beach chairs, towels, food, and libations every Saturday night in the months of July and August to watch movies under the stars. Somewhere between 100/200 folks gathered weekly. The first Movie Night I happened to attend was JAWS.

YES, it was strange (OK it was freaky) hearing the ocean waves at your back (and hearing the the infamous theme music) and feeling the sand on your feet, all while watching JAWS on a 15-foot screen directly in front of you. But it was fun!

4. Even though I have "organizational iss-ues", my diabetes supplies are VERY organized. And like by VERY, I mean INCREDIBLY organized!

First by type of supplies: Test strips and lancets in the same desk drawer, with the boxes arranged in order of expiration date on the top of the box. Pump supplies all on the same shelf, insulin is nicely housed in my Butter Compartment and each bottle is also arranged according to expiration date - Same goes for my Symlin, My pills are all neatly organized and I’m actually getting better at consuming my daily vitamins!

5. I am physically unable to drink my coffee black.

6. I not only sing out loud, but I also cry out loud, every time I watch the Sound of Music.

7. I introduced my niece to the wonders of ABBA when she was 10 and her father still hasn’t completely forgiven me.

8. I prefer Soymilk to cow’s milk, but prefer ½ and ½ to soy creamer.

9. I get uber excited and have been know to do the Happy Dance when I guesstimate carbs and still achieve Blood Sugar Nirvana. Same goes for seeing a “happy” number on my meter.

10. I like (and quote) all movies, I'm a movie buff! But I love (and love to quote) movies whose target market is for middle, high school, and college age boys. “ I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.... Can anyone guess that quote?

OK, it's your turn. Tell us something that we may not know about you!


C said...

That's totally an Anchorman quote right there. ;o)

Loved reading it and getting to know you just a little bit better!

Karen said...

Fun post!! Jaws is one of Pete's favorite movies - I think he'd love to sit on the beach and watch it.

Hmmm, what don't people know about me? My legs were in a commercial. I was shot in front of a blue screen. The commercial was for a varicose vein center in Westchester. The premise was that the Statue of Liberty wears those long robes because she has varicose veins. My legs were superimposed in for the "after" shot, when the Statue of Liberty was free to wear mini-skirts!! :)

Sunny said...

Do you watch NCIS? Denozo is always quoting movies.

meredith said...

i'm from kentucky, lived here all my life, (i pass their headquarters almost daily) and i don't like KFC's chicken.

i DO, however, love their mashed potatoes and rolls. mmmmm,mmmm good.

and i love anchorman. :D
and i can quote tommy boy WORD. FOR. WORD. and my skin crawls when people misquote.

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you there on #2 and #10, but so totally not on #5. I'll leave you guessing where I stand on the rest... Whatever you do, just remember: Be the Ball!

Alexis Nicole said...

I love good fried chicken we make at home but i hate kfc!

I organize Js by exp date too! Soo cool!

Renata said...

I don't know why but #5 cracked me up. And seeing Jaws at the beach, I would LOVE to do that to, I mean with, my kids.

You are awesome.

Cherise said...

You have never eaten KFC?!! Oh my! I'll try soy milk of you eat one piece of grilled KFC chicken. I feel the same way you do about KFC about Soy milk-NEVER!

Lora said...

EW! Black Coffee... YUCK!

Meri said...

I did not know those things Kelly. :) And what do you know, I still think you are fantastical! I just saw jaws last week, and together with my 3 hour whale watching tour that went awry, I think I am all done with wanting to sail the ocean blue thankyouverymuch. Boat rides are now right up there with Arizona in the summer time...no thank you!