Thursday, January 20, 2011

Type 1 University Makes Diabetes School, COOL.

Type 1 U's logo was designed by the fabulous Gina Capone

Attending Diabetes School is cool in theory, but making the time to physically be some where isn't so easy.
Seriously, all of us lack time to do what we should in our lives, diabetes and otherwise.

Living with diabetes is hard, we never get vacation, and diabetes doesn't give a crap regarding our busy schedules.
Now, we have a little control over how and when we can do the learning!

MY friend, Gary (Think Like A Pancreas) Scheiner over at, has begun offering a series of on-line classes called Type 1 University, which features online courses designed to provide "higher education" to people who are using intensive insulin therapy, either pumps or MDI.
Each 40-60 minute course is available live (via webex) or pre-recorded format,can be accessed on any computer system or mobile device with access to the Internet. Audio and video are provided, and special interactive opportunities are made available during the live program.

T1U is currently offering the following classes:
  1. Mastering Pump Therapy
  2. Advanced Carb Counting
  3. Blood Glucose Control During Sports & Exercise
  4. Weight Loss for Insulin Users
  5. Getting the Most from Your Continuous Glucose Monitor
  6. Strike The Spike: After-Meal Glucose Control
  7. Hypoglycemia Prevention and Management
  8. Fine-Tuning Basal Insulin
I've struggled with all of the above and I know I could use more help in these areas. Now that I can attend class via my home computer, I don't have any more valid excuses as to why I can't.

If your interested in learning more, click HERE.

Full Disclosure: Gary offered me a free Type 1 University class in exchange for writing about it. But here's the thing, I've worked with Gary in the past on my diabetes management and he's really helped me. Free or not, my time is precious to me, and I choose how I spend it. I believe in what Gary's doing, and I'd attend even if he hadn't offered me a free class. I'm not perfect, I need to continue my diabetes education, and the fact that I don't have to leave the comfort of my own home to do it.


Penny said...

I always tell Gary that I learn something every timevwe go see him, and it's true. Never too old to learn something and no matter how many years you have had the D, there is always something else to learn.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Kelly. I totally trust Gary's sessions and overall style, based solely on accounts from your end and others who've worked with him through the years. But that said: the ONE issue I have with these types of programs is that I've done them all, and while I may need the help, rarely do I find someone offering this level of "advanced" education. I am by no means an expert, but just want to find something more than the basic "This is a Bolus, and a Basal" crap. No reason to think that's what is happening here, but that's what I've experienced and makes me hesitant generally. This could very well be exactly what I've been looking for! So, thanks Kel!

Unknown said...

Through Penny and through reading Gary I am impressed and wanting to learn more to help Joe.

Thanks for posting. I hope these classes are a success. I, for one, am planning on attending.