Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blood Sugars Gone Wild

Sometimes I think life gives us some not so subtle reminders that SHIT HAPPENS, and that no matter what, we need plow through the muck and get back on track!


The past 16 hours have sucked blood sugar wise – And I’m going to be totally honest with you, it scared the shit out of me.

Starting at 9pm last night, my numbers started to go all spaceman on me. Seriously, it was like my body decided that it wanted to go to mars, and didn’t care if I wanted to go along for the ride.

The day started out picture perfect, numbers stayed in the 120’s most of the day. Dinner I was 168, but I wasn’t too concerned.

I was eating a low carb dinner (salmon, ½ a sweet potato and sautéed broccoli) and bolused accordingly. Later (because fish always leaves me hungry an hour later), I had some low carb chips and salsa (this snack never screwed with my numbers before) and once again, I bolused accordingly.

I was tired last night. I’d been fighting a sore throat since last Thursday and had worked a full day. I wanted to veg-out. I got in PJ’s and settled down in front of the TV.

But soon I had a headache, and my high blood sugar radar jumped into gear.

At 9 p.m I took my blood sugar and it was 250

And that's when my blood sugar started going apocalyptic.

9:30 PM: 235

10:15 PM: 260

I changed my site, thinking it would help.

11:30 PM: 277 – and I still had insulin on board. But I gave myself extra 1.5 units anyway.

Cut to 7:00 AM this morning: I was blowing a 459 – That’s not a typo people, that’s was my actual blood sugar - and it freaked me out. I was really scared and I seriously couldn’t recall (though I'm sure it was recent) the last time my blood sugar had been over 250, (except for last night), let alone 459.

My lips were so cracked they were bleeding and I was thirsty, but I didn’t feel dizzy or nauseous, just frightened.

I tested again, 447 - Don't even get me started on meter inaccuracies! Then I started cursing myself for not setting my alarm for a 3am #bg check!

I mumbled: Kelly, how the fuck could you be so stupid!! And then I got to work on situation.

I changed my site again. I had 10 units of left insulin in my cartridge, but I switched it out for a new insulin anyway.

I tested for ketones and held my breath. NOTHING – How the hell is that possible? But at least something was going right.

But I peed on a ketone strip again just to be certain. Still, no ketones.

I gave myself the biggest correction bolus of my life – 9.4 units and waited.

And my numbers started going down.






And currently, my blood sugar is 178.

I’m starting to breathe again – but I’m still cautious, and cautiously optimistic.

I still worked on work stuff all morning, while working through my blood sugar rebellion, drinking massive doses of water and one cup of coffee and I’m thankful that my numbers were heading south and I had no ketones.

But I’m still not sure what happened. Was it a wicked combo of fighting off a sore throat, an infusion set ceasing to work, insulin getting all skunky, and misbehaving carbs all working together for a perfect storm of blood sugars gone wild?

Honestly, I don’t care what it was, as long it never happens again!

I’ve worked hard to maintain my numbers and the past 16 hours reminded me exactly why.


Penny said...

Oh crap! Seriously, why sometimes? Hope you are OK Kel. Thinking of you and telling the blood sugar godesses to play nice with you!

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I'm so sorry you went through that stress. I totally, completely relate to: what-the-heck-ever, just don't ever do that again Mr. Bg, thank you very much.

But really, the biggest thing I might remember from this post is that you can't remember the last time you were over 250. That's completely amazing. Way to go!

k2 said...

Penny - Thanks! Keeping my fingers crossed that the #bg Goddess plays nice!

Lorraine - It freaked me out and I hope it never happens again! As far as not remembering the last time I was 250 - I'm sure it was recent. But for some reason, when my blood sugar gets elevated, it usually seems to hover around the 240 mark.

Meri said...

I too was impressed about the highest being 250. I pray for that day with my boys. When we get there, and things start to seem even...BAM, growth spurt! Bam! Illness! BAM! Basketball practice!

Praying you don't see those numbers again either K2!

Anonymous said...

One other thing to take into consideration, if your sore throat took hold, that can mess up your blood glucose as well. Stay Healthy, and I'm thankful that you are getting back in control.

Trev said...

Crappy, sounds like the perfect freakin Tsunami! I am glad to hear you survived. You must feel a bit beatin up, I know I would. Cheers.

Tiago said...

Is there something in the air??? Elise was inexplicibly 480 at 1 am last night (this comes after battling lows the night before - same bedtime snack, same insulin dose). She woke up at 250, I gave her her breakfast insulin plus correction, regular breakfast and got a call from her school that she was 405 at 11:00 am. WTH???

Also? No ketones for her either. Weird. I hope we both get it figured out and SOON!

Scott Strange said...

Glad you're ok, Kelly...

Val said...

you're an animas pumper, right? I just got a recall notice - BAD CARTRIDGES!!!!

I checked and yup, for the past month (in which my BG sucked) I've been using bad ones.

Recall is
Cartridge lot numbers affected by this recall are:

k2 said...

Val -
I'm not an Animas pumper- my pump is a minimed Paradigm 512 - Yes, it's old school!
Thanks for the heads up re: the cartridge recall and hope your blood sugars are getting better !

Joanne said...

Okay, that Tiago person who commented about Elise was me. For some reason a my husband's friend was signed on our computer.


Hallie Addington said...

Yikes! Maybe it was the sore throat?? Ave was 502 te other night- after a correction AND a 20% basal increase. Scared me, too! Glad you are ok! And so glad you haven't seen a number over 250 in a while! That is some awesome pancreating going in there!!

Mike Hoskins said...

Color me impressed, also, that your highest is usually in 250s... Makes me feel all guilty that I often hover higher than that. But, so glad you're OK and they're working downward. Hope they level off even more. Maybe sickness was the culprit. I've had that, and it's never fun. Good luck on getting things back on track, K2!