Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Diabetes Has........

The post was inspired by a #dsma chat from a few weeks ago: So I guess this means it's now part of the #DSMA Blog Carnival!


Diabetes has made me many things.

Diabetes has made me an insulin whore – except I don’t turn tricks for insulin – but I do pay through the nose to inject myself with this pancreatic elixir of life!

So maybe I’m more of Insulin John – but that doesn’t really have the same ring to it!

Diabetes has made see and appreciate the dark humor of life. Every person I know with diabetes has a strange, wonderfully mccobb, sick and twisted dark sense of the funny – At that’s a great thing!

Diabetes has made me an idiot savant at looking at the food on my plate and gustimating the carb count.

Seriously folks, I can eyeball a cupcake carb count based solely on said cupcakes circumference & icing ratio.

Diabetes has given me a faulty pancreas.

Diabetes has allowed to recognize and experience that little changes = big ones.

Diabetes has made me become a proactive and empowered patient.

Diabetes has turned me into a hoarder of triple AAA batteries, glucose tabs, samples from my endo, test strips, used testing and pumps supplies and all things D related.

Diabetes has allowed friends and loved ones to find me via my Test Strip Trail.

Diabetes made me realize that I was more high tech than I thought possible!

Diabetes has turned my fingers into pincushions and the skin on my abdomen into valuable real estate

Diabetes has made fearless regarding needles and fearful of pasta.

Diabetes has made me worry about the small stuff – And that bullshit’s got to stop, NOW.

Diabetes has made me grateful for the small things in life – And that is a gift that keeps on giving.

Diabetes has made me part cyborg – And I’m not the only member of the Cyborg Clan of D.

Diabetes has allowed me to flip my Diabetes Bitch Switch whenever needed.

Diabetes has taught me to speak in acronyms and diabetes code words like: CWD, PWD, totally bolus worthy, Diaversary, Blood Sugar Nirvana, #bgnow #dsma, - Just to name a few.

Diabetes has made me tough and fragile all rolled into one.

Diabetes has given me a passion and a sense of purpose in my life – And I also owe a big part of my passion & purpose to the DOC.

And diabetes has given me AMAZING FRIENDS, trusted allies, who KICK ASS!!

So my diabetesalicious friends: What has diabetes given you?


Confessions of an Honest Woman said...

Diabetes gave me strength.. if I can test, give shots and go through a lot of pain, I can accomplish anything. My family is close and strong.. and like you said, follow the trail of test strips and you can find a cute diabetic...

Sarah said...

Oh, "The D Girl" got here first. ;) Good word! My RT re: this post also said "Strength." I'm not sure if my pancreas decided to konk out at age 7 b/c I was strong and could handle all the mess that comes along with t1D, or that I've grown stronger with surviving every last freaking D-issue that arrives, tied with a ginormous sparkly glitter bow. Probably a little of both. <3

Renata said...

A sense of pride over my children mixed in with a headache.

Unknown said... end the stereotypes, to save those less fortunate, and to hopefully help fund the elusive CURE.

Penny said...

Beloved friends
Appreciation for the minute, the hour, the day
A sense of belonging for my little girl

Kelly said...

Diabetes has given me the ability to fix it and move on, no more obsessing over the WHYS.....not to mention an AMAZING Mama bear response to ignorant comments :)

Kaitake said...

Gorgeous post Kelly! :) well said.

Diabetes makes us amazing.

Anonymous said...

diabetes has taught me to take care of myself. something, even without diabetes, I wasn't too good at.
It has taught me self control and has taught me love.


Unknown said...

Gave me a reason...I am a fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association. I love my job but work to put myself out of a job. We are closer to a cure and my daily struggles and the stories I hear inspire me to fight harder and get more people to donate so we can fund the research and stop diabetes!!!