Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 6: A Short Test Strip Pictorial ~

Day 6 of Diabetes Blog Week is all about pictures (as in pictures having to do with diabetes) and was inspired by the Diabetes 365 project.

So with out further adieu, May I present: A Test Strip Pictorial ~

Heads up: Any green lettering in the post below are links that lead to the original posts that the pictures are from and or inspired by.

Testing our blood sugar is our GPS System. It let's us know where our body is, what direction it's headed, and what direction it needs to go in.

TESTING is something we do OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER, and OVER again.

We use a hell of a lot of test strips in the process.

And sometimes we lance ourselves in the oddest of places and aren't even aware!
Click HERE to find out how this happened.

Testing can cause all sorts of scatterbrained confusion, and could no doubt confuse even the most seasoned of CSI.

Test strips magically appear everywhere. Sometimes it even snows test strips.

And every once in a while, like when my tester case exploded in my handbag, they show up in the most unexpected of places and at the most inopportune of times. Like when I was about to attend a dMeet-up and wanted to make sure my breath was all types of minty fresh~

Even with all he trials and tribulations, we keep testing.
Because we must.


Unknown said...

Are your strips minty fresh?

gina said...

Hysterical! how did you lance yourself in the face LOL

I will be adding my post soon.

Anonymous said...

I love your necklace! That is all. :)

Cherise said...

lol! how in the heck did you lance your face? love the picture of the mint-strips.

Kellys Blogs said...

Bahaha! Fabu. :D

Anonymous said...

Lol! Yeah, I find them everywhere too. u.u

Virtue said...

I used to find my Bayer meter test strips everywhere in my neighbourhood. Well, I thought they were mine, but then realized that there are other people with diabetes out there and I shouldn't be so ego-centric... Until I changed to the OneTouch Mini and all the test strips in my neighbourhood changed to OneTouch test strips!

So, yeah... understand the finding them everywhere!

Jeff said...


Unknown said...

That was a great picture journey K2! I totally remember when you lanced your chin! Crazy!