Friday, February 18, 2011


Feel the sun on my face and take a long walk in the fresh air
Attempt to get my tax papers in order
Spend time with friends and partake in some bolus worthy meals
Embrace the unexpected
Catch-up on Diabetes blog reading
Write - Because there's so many potential blog posts floating around my brain
Avoid Doorknobs at all costs
Attempt to make Sunday's Aqua Boot Camp
Have at least one meal that involves bacon
Try not to sweat the small stuff, diabetes and otherwise
Keep in mind that it's all small stuff~


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend, Kel!

I like that: embrace the unexpected!

Lots of blog posts swimming in this brain too, and gotta find the time and energy to write them. Rest up, get caught up, have fun (and bacon), and see you around the DOC, my friend!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful w/e.

The small stuff isn't worth our sweat is it?

But the "bacon" is! YUMMO!

Trev said...

Ironically I just finished my bacon, and am sipping my coffee while catching up on some blog reading. Cheers.

Dawn @ Sugar Free Candyland said...

"Don't sweat the small stuff" While, that can sometimes be easier said than done, I do try to do that daily. Life is just too short to take everything seriously!

Hope you have a great weekend!!! Don't forget to eat that bacon! LOL!