Thursday, April 28, 2011

Being Stalked By Tech Issues And Finding My Smile Again Thanks To #DSMA

The last few weeks have been plagued with technical issues on the work/home front and I'm really starting to think that I'm possessed.

Perhaps my body is giving off some freaky sort of electrical current that screws with my electrical surroundings. Or maybe some technical poltergeist is screwing with my word just because it feels like it.


Electrical weirdness is surrounding me in the form of light bulbs continually blowing out in my kitchen only a few weeks after being replaced.

My car's oil light suddenly flashing whenever I stepped on the breaks this past Saturday. even though it's a good 800 miles before I needed the oil to be changed.

My faulty mac needed to have its harddrive completely wiped and all new software reinstalled last week, which brought all sorts of inopertune realizations regarding mac's PAGES & NUMBERS programs this week.
These programs are great for me to figure out & use, but aren't so wonderful when trying to email work files to others who are sans mac technology.
And then yesterday I realized (after reinstalling my printerdrive software on Sunday,) that my scanner refused to actually, you know... scan. After googling the issue I found out that I needed to install scangear, which I did - and still, NOTHING HAPPENED. So YES, I'm still unable to scan or fax!

I was ready to throw both my mac & my canon pixma MP500 off a bridge and there may or may not have been some tears she on this end.
SO I logged on to twitter last night and participated in #DSMA (Diabetes Social Media Advocacy) twitter chat and was once again reminded just how fantastical the diabetes on-line community makes me feel.

The tweets were flying fast and I didn't feel alone or frustrated. I felt happy and part of the gang! By the time the hour chat (which felt like it was only 10minutes) was up, I was feeling all sorts of chipper and positive!

#DSMA & the DOC helped turn my frown upside down and I'm so grateful for that!
#DSMA/DOV, you brighten my world, continually make me laugh, smile, learn, and I love you!

To learn more about Diabetes Social Media Advocacy, click on the following link!

PS: This morning I was unable to log on to twitter for 6 hours, due to some freaky technical difficulty having to with God knows what. Like I said, I'M BEING STALKED!

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