Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"I Christen Thee....The Diabetes Mobile!"

True story: I was cleaning out the consul of my car late yesterday afternoon after work when I spied two unopened open infusion sets near the bottom of said consul.

OK, I knew I had at least one back up infusion set nestled in the side pocket of my driver side door (in case my site went dead or my tubing got caught on the emergency break, which seem to happen to me a lot) but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had back ups for my back up!

I also found a larabar well past it’s expiration date ( Banana Bread flavored, and I was NOT HAPPY to have let that one go to waste,) an empty canister of test strips (I have no idea why an empty canister was in there) a spare box of lancets, (unopened) and 7/8’s of a bag of jellybeans purchased at Boscov’s during a low blood sugar emergency sometime pre - Easter, 2010.

The Jelly beans were stale, which was a good thing because I’m trying to lose weight, so I tossed them.

As I moved from the drivers side onto the passenger side and collected the empty diet Snapple bottle on said passenger side floor, I found one lone 1 used test strip sitting quietly in the corner and I laughed out loud.

At that very moment, I tapped the empty Diet Snapple bottle every so lightly on my car and waved it all magic wand like and said in a fake English accent: I christen Thee...."The Diabetes Mobile." May good blood sugars and the likes there of, bless all who sail in You! Expecto Patronum!

I swear, sometimes I amuse myself!


Cara said...

:) To my knowledge I have an empty test strip bottle, an empty diet snapple bottle and a few lone test strips flaring around in my car as well. I think I need to clean her out. :D

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar. I know there's at least a dozen test strips, blood-stained tissues, an old infusion set and packaging, an empty strip vial and bottle of insulin. A syringe, too. And two bottles of glucose tabs and a crushed apple juice box. Not to mention massive papers and such having nothing to do with diabetes. Yes, I rarely clean out my D-Mobile..

Mike Lawson said...

Hahaha! Love this post!!

Back in November my car broke down on the freeway (totally scary) and when I was waiting for the tow truck a highway patrol officer stopped to see if everything was okay.

When he shined his flashlight in my car to look around he spotted two old syringes in my ash tray (I don't I might as well use it for SOMETHING, right? I guess you could call it MY Butter Compartment).

You could see that he tensed up a little and he said, "what are the needles for?" And I explained that I'm insulin dependent and offered to show him my meter/insulin supplies. He took me up on the offer and was nice after that.


Good post!

Lora said...

If you can't amuse yourself... who can you amuse?

Fun post :)

Liz said...

Thanks for the funny post! I needed to read one today :)

The DL said...

This is pretty much what every location I am at looks like. HAHA my apartment looks like this, my desk at work does, and so does my car. Better safe than sorry! Just a reminder how D is always around and goes with us wherever we are. Speaking of...I think I need to do some spring cleaning!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Used test strips, blood dotted tissues, granola bar wrapper, empty water bottle...that would be Bean's 'area' in the car!
And I totally agree...if we can't make ourselves laugh from time to time we might as well call it quits!

meanderings said...

And thankfully, you amuse your readers, also!

Unknown said...

I definitely needed this laugh today. My car looks about the same as yours. :o)

Penny said...

Hee hee hee... Is this like a Papal blessing???