Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom - THANKS.

My mom The Glamazon - long before she was my mom.

Mom - Long after she became my mom - And still a Glamazon!

Dear Mom -

Just a note to say that I love you & to say thanks.

I love you more than you could ever imagination, and even though there are times when we disagree and argue, having you for my mother is something I cherish and give thanks to every day.

Thanks for loving me despite all my flaws.

Thanks for worrying and always putting my siblings and I first - that couldn't have been easy.

Thanks for measuring out grapes - even when I bitched about it.

Thanks for calling in my numbers on a weekly basis and keeping my readings in a a big read "Diabetes Workbook."

Thanks for letting me participate in my diabetes as a child.
Being asked to read the diabetes exchange poster on the kitchen wall out loud and allowing me to choose if we had a baked potato or rice as part of our meal.
It's those little things that gave me confidence regarding my diabetes at a very young age.

Thanks for pointing out that bangs weren't my best look and that red lipstick instead of iridescent was indeed the way to go.

Thanks for FORCING me to wear sunscreen.

Thanks always asking me if I have my diabetes meds" whenever we say goodbye.

Thanks for telling me when I was 13 that I was beautiful, smart and talented.
I felt like I was none of those things - But it meant the world to me that you believed I was all those things.

Thanks for putting up with me as a 15 year old who knew absolutely everything.

Thanks for helping me to pick up the pieces when my heart was broken.
You were right, I deserve so much better.

But your strength and courage during that time and after continues to blow my mind whenever I think about it.

Thanks for instilling in me a love of reading (John, stop telling her "NO BOOKS AT THE TABLE" and just be happy she's reading!); music and performing to get over both my shyness & attempt to give me some grace in the process. Sorry that the latter didn't really take ;)

Thanks for teaching me to love gardening, soup making, straw beach hats, drinking tea from china cups and the occasional ice cold beer from a frozen glass bottle.
Thanks for always making me laugh every time you attempt to say Pinot Grigio, and for occasionally humoring me by indulging a nice glass of red.

Thanks for giving me tap dancing lessons, introducing me to hot peppers, ice shows, sparkly jewelry that can be seen from the last row, and embracing my inner Glamazon."

Thanks for being strong when I wasn't.

Thanks for your bravery and you're Atlas like strength and for always showing me that it's OK to fall down, but it's not OK to stay down.

Thanks for showing me that the most beautiful woman in the room can also be the most kind and loving.

And thank you for always believing in me and loving me no matter what.


Lora said...

What a sweet post... you look like her :)

Amy@Diapeepees said...

Loved reading this

Unknown said...

K2...I love this letter. What an incredibly special mother you have.

Happy Mother's Day, K2's Mom :)

Daniel Dunn said...

Thanks Kelly, you reminded me to think of my Mom, and everything she did for me. Thanks,

Jen said...

Wow! She is beautiful..just like you! Your letter to her made me cry..being a mom now, I get extra sensitive about these things!

Kim said...

This is beautiful. Just like the both of you! What a wonderful woman to have as a mother.

Karen said...

I feel almost as if I know your mom - and it was wonderful to read this awesome post to her. :)