Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Victories....


So I got on the scale yesterday & was not pleased with what I saw. And by not pleased, I mean I was ready to throw the scale out the window and scream like a madwoman, type of not pleased.

The scale in all it's digital glory showed me a number that I did not want to see.

I was pissed and sort of depressed. I mean, I'm still a good 12 pounds away from my highest weight, but my cute summer a-line skirts are too tight for comfort and that my friends, sucks!

But this morning was a new day, and I woke up to birds chirping and a blood sugar was 115.
I bolused for 30 grams of carbs and had my two mugs of coffee & my wholefoods 365 vanilla protein powder smoothie consisting of; 1 scoop of soy protein powder, 1 cup of vanilla silk soy milk, 5 ginormous frozen strawberries & 1/5 of a frozen banana.


Cut to my lunchtime #bgnow of 105, and all of a sudden, ( kind of like my friend Kim over at Texting My Pancreas,) it was acknowledging that small victory of finally getting the bolus right for my morning smoothie, that made me feel better!

True, I was running on the low side of 105, but I was no longer battling the post breakfast soy smoothie 200's that had rocked my world all week!

And with that little victory, I knew that I could fit back into those cute little a-line skirts and ROCK THEM with room to spare!

I just have to keep working on my "Diabetes Science Experiment" & not give up!

Do you have little victories as of late that inspire you to 'keep on, keeping on?"


Penny said...

Bolused for a soft pretzel treat. 35 grams of carbs, with an extend bolus for 2/3 of it over 2 hours. Rocked in at 111 after 2 hours. Who's your Mama?

Stephie said...

Last night! Dinner at the mall McD's before dress shopping. combo bolus'd but didn't give the full amount suggested cause of the walking around the mall that i was going to be doing. got home 3 hrs post meal and i was 144. sometimes things work out according to plan #BAMthereitis :)

Kim said...

High fives to small victories! :)

Pearlsa said...

Those little victories should be celebrated. I am often thankful when my body, food and insulin all work according to plan.

George said...

I had to pull my belt to the next hole because my pants are falling off! YAY!

alissa said...

small victories keep me going on this crazy diabetes journey!

i love when i've just discovered a tasty new food that i can eat loads of -like kale chips or swede (rutabaga) fries!

NeurosurgeryNP said...

I think it was that cheeseburger I force fec you the other day. I will take the blame! Hahaha. :)


Kelly said...

My small victory is Day 2 of actually getting out of bed early to work out! Now....if I can just make this my life-style as it used to be then my victory will be huge! YAY for small victories! Its a start! Good job!

Reyna said...

Down 1.5# today. I have a bum foot that is keeping me from working out and have had to start really "watching" what I am eating.

Karen G said...

Since mid-March, I've been losing an itty bitty bit of weight each week - so each week is a small victory. Overall, I've lost almost 7 pounds . . . . so far!! And I'm going to keep going, one small step at a time!!