Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Note To Self:

You're going to need a bigger bolus.
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It’s never a good idea to lance your finger directly and on the exact same spot that said finger has a nasty paper cut on. You know the cut I'm talking about, the one that FINALLY stopped bleeding a few hours ago - And now is gushing again like Old Faithful because you weren't paying attention to where you stuck it. And yes, I know.... That's what she said ;)

Peanut butter and jam on a spoon is NOT always the ideal bedtime snack if your running on the high side.

Sinus issues DO cause wonky blood sugar numbers - At least in your case. So EMBRACE THE TEMPORARY BOLUS already!

Make sure that before you go to bed with 9 units of insulin left in your pump, you write yourself HUGE notes & leave them right by your alarm clock & charging cell phone, reminding yourself to lock and load a new insulin reservoir BEFORE you leave the house for work in the morning.

Low carb does not = low in fat.

When you see insulin pump batteries on sale, BUY THEM, even if you think you have more than an ample supply.

If you use the emergency infusion set that you leave in your driver's side door pocket just in case of an emergency, make sure you replace said emergency infusion set after using it, ASAP. There are no such things as Replacement Diabetes Supplies Elves, same goes for Toilet Paper Replacement Elves (elves who magically replace the toilet paper when the roll is done) - YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN, KID!

Sunscreen is a must, as is reapplying liberally.

Aspirin therapy = bleeding gums every single time you floss, so don’t have a major freak out and start crying to your Dental Hygienist "that something is terribly wrong!"
God, you're such a Drama Queen!

You are what you eat.

You are not a number, or your number for that matter. You are a person who is doing and being and trying her best - And that is a wonderful thing ~


NeurosurgeryNP said...

Love this post. You always put into words what I am thinking. :)

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

So many wonderful nuggets of truth!

Val said...

Great post! But I think I am a bit disturbed by the image of Toilet Paper Replacement Elves....

Fiona said...

I recently decided to fire my toilet paper elf for lack of performance. When I informed my husband, he said his personal tp elf was outstanding and he was going to keep her. I asked what she looked like and he said "She's the spitting image of MY WIFE." I punched him in arm, hard, with my new-found kettlebell strength.

Sarah/@smartDpants said...

You are so awesome. And so is this post. ;) Doesn't matter how big I write the notes, I still dash out of the house w/o refilling the reservoir. Grr.

Haley said...

Note to self: kelly kunik is awesome!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Lancing a paper cut?! Ouch!!!!

Great list of notes! Especially love the last one! :)