Monday, May 2, 2011


Today is filled with emotions on every level - And my mind keeps going back to that that sunny September morning 10 years ago when our lives changed forever.

I think of those that were lost and those that were lucky enough to be found.
I think of how the world changed and how peoples view of the world and the people who live it changed.

Our safety bubble had burst and our innocence lost on so many levels.

I think about the tears shed and still being shed.

I think about taking the train to NYC before 911 and always using the Twin Towers as my heads up & 5 minute warning to gather my bags and prepare to take on New York.

Whenever I ride that same train, I always choke up and try as I might, I can’t hold back my tears 5 minutes before the train enters NYC from the Jersey side. I'm looking for Twin Towers that are no longer there, and thinking of the almost 3000 people representing anywhere between 26 & 90 nationalities (depending on what reports you read) and many religions, including Muslim, who never made it home to their families that night.

I think about St. Patrick's Day 2001, and dancing with handsome Firefighters & Policemen at so many different Irish Bars in NYC before, during, and after the parade. Those men in uniform whirled and twirled me around the dance floor and I felt safe in their strong arms. Their smiles made me blush & those boys made me laugh out loud with their jokes  - And I remember how much fun my friends had on that magical St. Patrick's Day weekend in NYC, back in 2001.

When I think how many of of those firemen and policemen never made it home on 9-12, my eyes well up with tears.

Today I think about how I frantically tried to call my friend Mark & his partner Ron for hours and hours on that day long ago, and being so relieved when I finally heard Mark's voice on the other line.

Whenever I'm in D. C. I think about the Pentagon & The White House being used as targets, and a field in Shanksville,PA that became a cemetery in a matter of minutes.

Whenever I'm in line a security line at the airport, I think of my fellow humans whose planes were used as weapons - and I softly mutter "Let's Roll" in their honor.

I think about our men and women who serve in our military and who protect us.
These brave souls are from varied economic, racial and religious backgrounds - including Christian, Jewish, & Muslim.

And I pray for all of them - and us.


Today is not about what side of the political fence you’re on.

Today is not about whether you’re from a red state or a blue.

Today is not about birth certificates or tea parties or coffee klatches.

Today is about putting aside our political differences and uniting as Americans - And as global citizens of the world.

Today is about helping others in order to remember those that we have lost.

Today is not about focusing on our differences, but focusing on our similarities as human beings and forging ahead in peace, religious tolerance, and understanding - Things that Bin Laden was very much against.

Today can be a day of many things, positive or negative - The choice is ours.


Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

I knew someone via email--she was the kind of person you'd get a CC from for a funny joke or a Rick Springfield-related bit of info. And she was the first person I thought of this morning. It made me sad more than anything, but I hope her family feels a sense of peace.

Mike Lawson said...


Sara said...


Insert appropriate phrase of agreement here.

George said...

I cried a lot last night. All those feelings from 2001 came back again. I think they always will when something stirs them up.

A part of me cries for the unity that we only seem to feel during tragedy. I wish more than anything that we could always keep the unity we felt after 9/11 and not have to wait for something so horrific to bring us together.

don't get me wrong, I am thankful that we are willing to be there for one another, I just think we should always stand united.

Mike Hoskins said...

I'm on the same page as George, and couldn't agree with you more Kelly. It does sadden me that we only seem to feel this unification when tragedy occurs, and even then it doesn't last all too long. So far I've been mostly fine with what I've read and listened to, and hopefully that lasts... Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, my friend.

Penny said...

Amen sister.

Amy said...

Kelly ~ You are so right and you write so beautifully what I am feeling too about today. You are even more lovely in person and I am so glad that we had a chance to meet you for lunch on Saturday.
Good will prevail!

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Cherise said...

Beautifully said

Princess LadyBug said...

I couldn't possibly have said it any better myself. Which is why I posted a link to this post. Reading it help ease a bit of the anxiety I'd been feeling all day today. I think it will do the same for many others. Thanks for writing it!

Cara said...

Beautiful Kelly. Beautiful.