Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Spring means that the butterflies will return as the flowers continue to bloom
Photo by Kelly Kunik

Springalicious: The awesome feeling that anything is possible that occurs when Spring has finally sprung!

Spring is in, which means all types of wonderful things!

Things like pretty flowers popping up from the earth and spectacular blue skies!

Spring means dusting off your bicycle and making sure your tires have air.

Spring means long sunny days and crisp cool nights sleeping with the windows open.

Spring means participating in the Second Annual Diabetes Blog Week, May 9th through May 15th, and I say: LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

Spring means celebrating the triumphant return of your favorite soft-serve stand reopening after a long winters nap and the sudden urge to eat more salads to balance out the carbs of said soft-serve stands ;)

Spring means breaking out your Capri's, open-toed shoes and short skirt and embracing you're inner Ru Paul- And honey, you know I work it!

Spring means re-embracing outdoor exercise and feeling the sun on your face.

I HEART Spring - And not just because I'm a May baby and I celebrate my birth month, not just my birthday!!

It's so much more than that folks. Spring reminds me that hopes and dreams have no age limits and anything is possible!

Spring also is a wakeup call to just how much work I have to do in the exercise department.

And with spring, comes all sorts of insulin issues. And not just the potential for insulin to get "Skunky," and not in the animalistic sense of the word.

Spring means more activity, which = adapting my basal settings to said increased activity.
Side Bar: I use the word said, a lot when I blog - But I digress.

But here's the thing: Hope floats and I can figure it out - It's just takes some work.

Look, we all know that diabetes takes work, so no shocker there! We can do this my friends!

So Chicklets, what does Spring mean to you regarding your life & and your diabetes?


Meri said...

There is something about the sun shining through the windows and dancing on the floor that makes me feel like "I've got this. Everything is going to be ok!" Like we hit the reset button and we can start again.

I love spring!

The DL said...

Living in Southern California, the weather doesn't change much around here. It's 10:23am here and 83 right now. :)

Meaning, my diabetes care doesn't change too much...I do tend to work out more to get ready for the smaller clothing lol but really nothing to drastically changes.

I got the best image in my head while reading your blog, sleeping with the windows open. I feel so at ease and calm. Beautiful! Thank you!

Penny said...

That we get another chance, a renewal. Spring has always meant that to me. It's like the heavens saying 'Here's another shot at it folks!'

Unknown said...

I LOVE SPRING! It makes my heart sing :) The flowers, the colors, the blue sky....fresh air...ahhh....


Karen said...

Yay for May babies!!! I'm one too and I'm celebrating all month as well!!

Thanks also for the DBlog Week shout out.

The only thing about Spring I'm not digging is my allergies. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one, Kelly! Spring = fresh start on D-Management after too much slacking. Exercise exercise exercise on tap this round! Spring has sprung, so I'm going all Sinatra on it!

Scott Strange said...

I can appreciate the sentiment, but I'm not sure it's spring yet for a couple of reasons

1) The Kansas City Royals are still winning some ball games and

B) We've had frost in the area the last couple of mornings for crying out loud!