Tuesday, June 7, 2011

All I Have To Do Is Stop Worrying?

Audrey Hepburn gave the best beauty advice of all~

I ventured out to the mall (a rarity on my part, because I’m not a huge fan of malls) and was scouting out the make-up department for magic elixirs that would prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

The whole “fine lines” thing doesn’t sit well with me or my people. We are not fine line fans and fight them tooth and nail.

However, I am a huge fan of sunscreen and moisturizers in massive doses, and wearing a hat whenever I’m on the beach or hiking, biking or gardening.

And I will admit, I love me some good product!

Growing up on the beach, I learned from an early age of the power of the sun.

After more than my share of sunburns on skin that freckles instead of getting all tropically tan, I started wearing sunscreen and a hat religiously on the beach when I was 19, and it’s served me well. Plus - I really dig hats!

But I digress.

As I interviewed the ladies at Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder, etc. about their various potions and lotions, each told me I looked very good, but would look even better if I did two things:

  1. Buy their fabulous products & use them at least twice daily
  2. STOP WORRYING - Because worrying causes worry lines.

And my inner monologue was screaming: ALL I HAVE TO DO IS STOP WORRYING? REALLY?! Do you sell Stop Worrying in a bottle, because I'd totally buy that!

But my outer voice told them each the same thing: I have type 1 diabetes, I’m always worrying about something!

So if you have something that will make stop worrying about that- I'll buy it in massive doses!

That response tended to stop them in their tracks every time I said it, and each woman handed my some product samples, a business card & beauty product course of action, and parting words saying how very healthy I looked.

One lady even went so far as to say: WOW, you look like the picture of good health!

And my inner voice was like: 1. I have a feeling my health is better than yours - at least mentally. And 2, ARE YOU CRACK?

Instead, I smiled and said my goodbyes and left with my boatload of samples. I then continued to LOL ( to the point of almost snorting out loud,) as I walked to my car with the phrase: Stop worrying, repeating over and over again in my head.

The laughter continued as I found my car and got out my car keys - And I didn't give a shit about the laugh lines I was most certainly causing!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the beauty consultants must have got their training from the same place that the endo's nurse practitioner did.

I'm going to write about our recent endo visit & the advice she gave (or rather "didn't" give) us.

The crux: Doing less may have better results.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Love it! 'Just stop worrying' REALLY?!?! If you need an investor when you figure out how to bottle that, I'm totally in...could stand to make a few mil for sure! ;)
Oh, and laugh lines are totally worth it!! ;)

Valerie said...

HA! Something similar happened to me last weekend...I saw a massage therapist, which was WONDERFUL as always, but she told me that my muscles were too tense and that life was short so I should stop worrying and stressing so much. Yes, that is true and I should do things like meditate, but I wanted to shout, you KNOW I am a type 1 diabetic--of course I worry and stress more...it doesn't matter that I am "young" and "healthy." Easier said that done, lady! She is really nice though, so I didn't say anything.

The DL said...

I guess if we stop worrying we will stop having worry lines? I really love bobby brown's extra repair foundation http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/templates/products/spp/index.tmpl?CATEGORY_ID=CATEGORY22761&PRODUCT_ID=PROD16822 if you have oily skin I don't think you should use it, but I have dry skin and I love it! Hopefully you had luck at the mall!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Stop worrying? Ha! :) I'm all for aging gracefully, worry lines and all...though I'm right there with you with the hats and sunscreen. :)

Bob Pedersen said...

I had a upper front tooth extracted last week. They put in a temporary bridge right away, to my mild disappointment: I wouldn't have minded having some "What, Me Worry?" pics ala Alfred E. Newman.

my sweet girl said...

Stop worrying - if they could bottle that they would have a market to sell it to right here in the DOC.

Kerri. said...

But I'm such a good worrier! ;)

Unknown said...

Ha! Your laugh lines are gorgeous...and I'd love me a bottle of "anti-worry" cream. I wonder where I would apply that?

And Lancome has the BEST mascara! I swear by it...

Alexis Nicole said...

Can you bottle me up some of that!?

Love Ms Hepburn!