Thursday, June 2, 2011

Taking The Stage For Day Three of Our Diabetic Life's Blogger Polooza

I first *met* Meri from OurDiabeticLife well over a year ago. We didn't meet in real life, we met on-line, and we became fast friends. Meri (as many of you know,) is this amazing and fantastical mom of three children with type 1 diabetes and I immediately felt a kinship with her.

We would chat on line from time to time and whenever I had a question for her, I knew she'd have straight answer for me.

Meri amazes me in many ways. Not just because she's a mom to four sons, three of which have type 1, which is quite an amazing feat in itself!

And not just because Meri has this amazing ability to pull all types of McGyver moves when it comes to insulin pumps, bolus & basal rates and meters of all kinds!

Nor is it because her blog makes either laugh or cry, every time I read it.

Also, it's not just because she always makes me learn & let's me in on what life is like for a parent of three cwds.

And lastly, it's not just because her life mirrors my mom's own life raising three daughters with type 1 in the Diabetes Dark Ages.

It's a combo of all of the above, with more than just a dash of moxie & a heaps of love and friendship thrown in for good measure, that makes Meri both amazing & fantastical in my mind.

I finally had the chance to meet Meri this past April in LA @ the #MedtronicDAF and you know what, she's even more better in real life!!!

So when Meri asked if I'd guest host ( I mean post,) and be one of her bloggers @ OurDiabeticLife 's Blogger Polooza extravaganza, I jumped at the chance!

Today, my blog post can be found taking the stage for day 3 of Our Diabetic Life's Blogger Polooza:

So head on over and check it out - AND ROCK ON !!


Unknown said...

It was a wonderful post Kelly.

Meri said...

Hello, beautiful tribute! Seriously K2, you made me tear up!

Thank you soso much for pinch hitting for me last week. I loved you the minute I started reading your blog. Your strength, your sense of humor, and your fight give me a measure of hope that I'll never be able to repay you for.

Hugs dear Kelly!