Friday, June 10, 2011

Thanks Doc, I Needed That!

So I went to my chiropractor last night. I'd smacked my knee against my desk a few weeks back, and it had been slightly swollen & achy ever since. There was no bruising, just a slight puffiness in one tiny area and an ever present ache letting me know of it's existence.

Not enough that I couldn't bend it or walk, or go up stairs or wear my pretty cork wedges, just enough that I was aware that it always hurt, and had even popped a few Aleve in the process.
But because I worry, much to the lady at the Chanel counter's chagrin, I decided to see my Chiro.
My chiropractor also happens to be a Chiropractor for several professional sports teams, so before I made an appointment to see an Ortho, I figured I'd see what he had to say.
After all, he was used to seeing knees that had been knocked around much more than mine had!
Turns out, the muscle just above the knee cap tightened up after I smacked it, which caused a slight misalignment & tugging on the muscle, which was causing all my discomfort.

Why am I telling you this?? Because as he was adjusting and doing soft tissue work on my knee, I said something like: I'm worried Doc, we Kunik's look good on the outside, but on the inside, we have issues.
And then he said to me: Kelly, you take care of yourself, I wish all my patients were like you, diabetic or not!
And for a second I couldn't say anything, and marinated on his words. My mind was saying, "But Doc, I need to do better!" But my heart was saying: Thanks so much for noticing that I'm really trying!
I decided to listen to my heart and said: Thanks, I really appreciate you saying that!
And accepted my compliment without trying to explain it away.

We shook hands, he told me that my knee would be slightly sore, (but in a good way) and that I might need one more visit. Then he told me I needed to bike more to build up my strength.

I walked out feeling much better because both my knee & my spirit had been ever so slightly readjusted & aligned. And let's face it, a little acknowledgment & some soft tissue work goes along way ;)


The DL said...

Sometimes we just need to hear that.

Brenda Bell said...

I've been debating about whether or not to sign up for the Jersey Shore Tour de Cure in September (it's really close to the Seaside Heights JDRF walk). Wonder if being a Red Rider might be an incentive for you...

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Accepting a compliment, especially about D-care, is a hard thing for me, too...sometimes we just need to say thanks and accept that, yes, we are doing a damn good job! ;)

Anonymous said...

A little acknowledgement goes such a long way. We DO work really hard at being healthy, but so much of the medical profession just sees us as "ill". I've recently had good success seeing a sports chiropractor, and loved the way I was treated there. Not as a "diabetic", but with concern for the issue I wanted help with. Oh, and just as yours told you to bike more, mine told me after a few ART and physical therapy type sessions to run long and see how it held up. Awesome!