Friday, July 22, 2011

Diabetes BITCHSwitch: Wendell Revisited.

After the Diabetes BitchSwich was turned up to 11 last week, thanks to Wendell Fowler's horrific diabetes article in the Southside Times, many in the Diabetes On-Line community waited to read Wendell's response.
Rumor had it (according to the Publisher, Roger Huntzinger) that Wendell might apologize.

Here's the thing, I actually spoke with the Roger on Wednesday, (who sounds like he drinks the Fowler Kool-aide in massive doses) and I wasn't holding my breath.
Especially when I was told by the Roger that we read Wendell's article wrong! Because you know us DOCers, we don't no nothing about "the betes!"
So.... Wendell's apology is up and running at the Southside Times. Click HERE, to read it.

I have to be honest guys, I had to marinate on it for a while before I could comment because I had to let his words really sink in. Anyway, here's my response/thoughts on his apology.

Wendell -
I could absolutely start my letter to you by expressing my shear disappointment and disgust regarding your so called apology.
And then I’d continue and say that your apology is the worst apology I’ve ever heard in my life!
As a matter of fact, it wasn’t an apology in the least - It was another diabetes blame game, excuse filled rant of man who refuses to admit when he’s wrong.
I could follow that by saying: Wendell, how the hell can more than 40 commenters ( plus the thousands who facebooked, tweeted, and commented on blogs re: your heinous words) all be wrong?
I might even throw in the whole “last I checked, you couldn’t walk on water,” line, so I absolutely know that you are indeed capable of making mistakes.
Then I’d quote Kimberly Johnson and say: “Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”
In your case, your apology was just a rant of excuses as to why your words were so misunderstood by the masses.
Sorry Wendell, we're not buying it!
Speaking of apologies, I’d then go on to ask (actually, I should have asked you this first place and I was wrong not to do so in the first place - And I ADMIT IT) if you ever formally apologized to the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana, it's Director, volunteers, and beneficiaries that you berated, belittled, and who’s gallant efforts to raise money for programs for children with diabetes you mocked.
if you haven’t - Shame on you - You need to do it, NOW.
And if they ask you to crawl through glass on your knees & apologize, do it, because no diabetes organization, or people associated with said diabetes organization should be written about in such a horrible way.
And then I’d bring up that bull crap article regarding the Diabetes War.
News Flash: I and many others do not believe there is a war between type 1 and Type 2. However, regardless of the type, we do believe that the “war” is against those in the media (like yourself, though I don’t consider you a journalist at all) who never get the diabetes facts right.
Instead, they continue to perpetuate diabetes myths.

Here’s the thing, I don’t want to go to war with my diabetes family - But I will fight tooth and nail to stop folks like you from preaching about my disease.
FYI, my 115 pound mother was diagnosed with type 2, two years ago. Guess she blows your type 2 theory.
Then I’d more than likely say that the whole “common ground” of which you speak is just not possible, because you refuse to really take the time to learn ALL the facts about ALL the types of diabetes.
And honestly, how can we meet on common ground when you think you’re better then everyone else?
I could say all of the above, because it’s all true.
And then I’d tell you that the Diabetes On-line community will continue to police what you say when you talk about our disease.
We will continue to write, tweet, blog, facebook, etc., whenever we see fit to call foul on your diabetes words.
That is our right and our passion as a people who live with the disease that you try to stigmatize and associate with shame.
We are not a lynch mob or hackers, quite the contrary. We are good people who live a diabetes life 24 X 7, 365 days a year with no time off for vacations or good behavior.
Our diabetes is with us first thing in the morning when we wake up, and it never rests even when we try to.
We bring our disease with us to work; weddings, vacations, funerals, college, ice cream socials, the mall, first dates, to the beach and absolutely everything in between.
We have earned the right to call you out on your words, especially because your words or not only untrue, they are downright dangerous.
Kelly Kunik - Type 1 for 33 years

Guys, I really hope if you haven't already, you'll go on over and let Wendell know what you think!

Also, here's link to the Editor's letter - It's a beaut!


Alexis Nicole said...

This guy has my blood boiling!! Thank you as always for representing us as only k2 can!!

I need to get my words together so I can post something...ugh he's gross.

Colleen said...

You're good; very, very good!

Lizmari said...

Excellent post, Kelly!! In protest to this man's miserable little rants, and misinformation... We will be having a Diabetic Social Ice Cream Event, as world wide... as the event takes us. :) How dare he tell me I can't have ice cream?!

Penny said...

Great post! I just left my comment, it appears below yours on the site. I told you he s a nut job!!!

Scott Strange said...

yep, I love ya...

that guy's a twit and the publisher isn't a bit better. Let alone anything resembling responsible opinion pieces. I won't even consider the term "journalism" when that paper is involved

Carey said...

What an ass this guy is. Well said, Kelly. Even worse, I think he stole my grandmother's glasses!

Mike Hoskins said...

Great job in telling it like it is, K2! You are awesome, proven once again! Nicely written response to the column. I'd be interested to see if you post one on the Publisher's Letter to Readers, as well (hint hint, wink wink)... Seriously? A simple apology would have gone a long way. But yet, we've yet to receive one. Even the blanket "apology" from the publisher misses the point. Should be an interesting time at the next board mtg for the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana, I'm sure... And so, onward we go from here.

Natalie said...

Good job, Kelly!! Maybe Wendell is suffering from early stage dementia -- he's being VERY defensive, instead of thinking about what all the letters tried to teach him.

I admire you for your restraint, and for your wealth of ideas. I wrote an answer too, simply because there is strength in numbers, but didn't come close to being as eloquent as you were! :-)

Meagan said...

Brilliant letter Kelly. He needs to make this right, a real apology would've been nice, now I think whatever he earned writing those articles should be donated to JDRF! Perhaps he should volunteer with them to get a glimpse into what diabetes is really like on a daily basis. I'll be interested to see how this ridiculous newspaper handles the backlash on this new article.

Kelly said...

Thank you. Love you! No one can say it quite like you, your passion indeed!

Unknown said...

I think I might love you.