Friday, July 29, 2011

Due To Diabetes Being Bitchy, We Interrupt This Edition of' "Diabetesalicious -Lite"

Today's post was supposed to be all "Diabetesalicious Lite," and the likes there of.
It's Friday after all, and let's face it, the last few Friday posts were anything but!
But then diabetes blood sugar issues took over and suddenly, I'm not feeling so light and happy.
Instead. I'm feeling annoyed, frustrated, and tired!
I'm doing my office work thing, and doing it very well might I add - And for the first time in a while, diabetes is getting in the way.

Lets start at the beginning, I had flat crust pizza for dinner last night, which normally works really well for me blood sugar wise. The slices are much smaller in circumference than normal slices, not to mention that the crust is flat, hence the name: FLAT CRUST PIZZA.
Usually flat crust pizza and I get along very well. But last night, not so much.
Like I said, I was having issues with blood sugar, as in they were hovering around the 220/230 for hours after my meal.
And in all honesty, it might have been an infusion set issue (it was new as of yesterday morning) or perhaps the insulin in my pump was skunky, I was down to the last 19 units after all.
But whatever the culprit, I couldn't get my blood sugars in normal range after two slices of veggie flat crust.
Cut to this morning, when I woke up with a bg of 228. I immediately changed my insulin reservoir out for a fresh one and did a meal and correction bolus, downed some much needed coffee & Greek yogurt and got ready for work.
Cut to work and me rocking it and being incredibly productive & wonderful!
And then, around 10ish, I felt the numbness in my lips and stomach kick-in, BIG TIME.
I was shaking and grabbed my Dex4 glucose tabs & downed the last 5 tabs I had on my person.
And then I tested - I was 49. I waited and watched the clock tick and still felt the numbness all over. I was starting to sweat & ate a Blueberry Larabar. 12 minutes later I was still in the 50's and ate another Larabar, this time Key Lime.
I KNEW I was over treating, but I felt so low that I didn't want to chance it.
And again, I watched the minutes click by on my computer and continued testing and was happy to see my numbers start to climb back up towards normal. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw 71 and I actually cracked a smile when I 83 flashed on the screen.

Cut to 11:30ish, when that old numb feeling started to return. I tested and was 60. YES, 60!
And for the first time in a very long time, I had to blink back the tears of diabetes frustration.

I didn't have time for this crap and I didn't have time for tears, I grabbed a yogurt from the fridge and ate it in damn near record time.
And now as I sit on at my desk and continue to complete my work "To-Do List," my internal voice is saying: Guess what diabetes? I can be a bitch too - You won't stop me from doing a good job!
And it won't! Right now my blood sugar is hovering in the low 90s and I'm still all types ofmiffed about diabetes throwing a fit.

So I decided to change today's blog post and blog about how I'm feeling right now, in real time.

Right this second I feel like diabetes is is this close to getting the best of me and I don't like it!
I know it's not & I know that I should feel grateful that I haven't felt this way in a quite a while - I'm damn lucky and I know it!
Broken pancreas or not, I still see my diabetes glass half full - But there's been a few spills today & I need pick myself up by my bootstraps and fill that glass back up to the brim.

But if I don't acknowledge the good, the BAD, and the Diabetesaliciousness of it ALL, then diabetes would get the best of me - AND THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.


Trev said...

That's just shitty! I hate it when the roller coaster diabetes ride throws a munkey wrench into the work mojo! Hope you have a better time with the new Infusion set.


Cara said...

Diabetes flipped her switch on me last night as well. I ended up testing in the 460's and was over 400 for several hours. I got little to no sleep last night because of getting up to test/bolus every few hours.
I am feeling like crud today. I'm so sorry you're having a rough day as well. :(

Kim said...

I am giving your beta cells a very nasty look right now, on your behalf.

Hope your day improves by leaps and bounds!

Sarah/@smartDpants said...

ah, that's nasty of your D to be all bitchy. I hate it when that happens. I hope it's staying up but not too far up, and that you can rest easy soon (or already). Sending steady BG thoughts your way. <3

Lora said...

Diabetes is a fuhknut!! Thats all I've got.

The DL said...

This is the worst feeling! Those are the days I get so frustrated! I hope you feel better now!!

Scott S said...

I think the hot weather really accelerates insulin absorption; a number of us have had strange lows this past week for no apparent reason and I ended up having to adjust my insulin to carb ratio this week and my basal, too. Then, after treating a low with the normal, I tested a half hour later and was 268. This blows. Whoever claims that diabetes is controllable ought to experience a few months of this $#!t and then see if they view things the same way.

Karen said...

Ugh, I hate that stupid diabetes is messing with you. Those nasty lows are the worst and cause so much havoc on whatever you're trying to do. :( But just know diabetes with NEVER get the best of you!!! Sending big hugs and wishes for some nice stable numbers all weekend long!!

Penny said...

Oh Kel, I am so sorry that the D flipped it's own switch on ya. Now get back on the horse that threw ya! That's what my Dad would always say to me when I fell down. It makes me chuckle. I hope you did too. Sending you love and stable BGs my friend.

NeurosurgeryNP said...

You are SO much stronger than D K2! Hope your night is bringing better results. Hugs.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Flicking the big D off for you! :)
Bean was having a hard time staying up while she was playing this afternoon and she was really frustrated that the juice and applesauce weren't doing their normal job!
And, yes, acknowledging the good, bad, and especially the -aliciousness of diabetes is a must! :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Major suckage yo. I'm sorry.

Meagan said...

Hope your sugars have been behaving since this post. I swear those roller coaster blood sugars really mess with our mood. It's impossible to stay positive all the time. Thanks for writing about it, we all "get it". Hugs to you!!!

Hallie Addington said...

Ugh! It must be the moon or something. D has been a big ol B around here, too. I'm ready to kick it in the groin. I'll give a kick for you, too. ((hugs))