Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heat Wave/Skunky Insulin Alert: Threat Level SCORCHING.

Late Sunday night I filled my reservoir with about 95 units because of the expected heatwave.
As of this afternoon, I have 43 units left & should be good until tomorrow morning.
photo courtesy of my iPhone

Once again, the east coast and various parts of the country are experiencing a heat wave and record high temperatures. Parts of Philadelphia and New Jersey feel like the surface of the sun and it's hot, sticky, and downright uncomfortable out.

As most of you are aware, heat waves = Skunky Insulin Alert: Threat level, SCORCHING.
For those of with insulin pumps, please keep in mind that insulin gets skunky in high temps and heat - And that is never a good thing.

My advice is to keep your insulin reservoirs at half mast or less.
I know it's annoying to have to refill every 24 to 48 hours instead of every two to three days, but it's better than having to throw out a full reservoir of insulin that's gone skunky!

For those of you on multiple daily injections - keep your insulin cool - Carry one of those mini lunch coolers complete with cute little mini icepacks if you must! Hey, who says mini coolers are a glamour don't?

And for goodness drink lots of water and don't forget to wear your sunscreen & "reapply liberally!"


Mike's Diabetes Blog said...

Can you imagine being an old-fashioned syringe and vial user...and living in the Phoenix desert?! Totally sucks. I cannot leave my insulin in the car when I just jump out to grab something at the grocery store because when I come back it will be all boiled.

Valerie said...

Good tips! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), Portland, OR is not having a heat wave--or much of a summer, really!

HVS said...

or get a FRIO...those are awesome!(and no,the company is not paying me to say so) Have kept my insulin from going skunky (when I'm out & about). Stay cool,everyone.

Lora said...

I filled this last few a little less because I have noticed Justins numbers creeping up toward the end of day 2 and I'm still throwing a bunch away. We deal with this most of the year though.

Mike Hoskins said...

K2... OK. I can't honestly say I've ever seriously contemplated the potential issue of having insulin inside a reservoir go bad while out in the heat - though it's very logical. Don't think it's ever happened to me, thinking back quickly, but certainly possible and might have just been something I really didn't notice all too much if BGs were just running a little higher. Great points and tips, K2!

Oh, and by the way: Ice Cream is never a bad thing when it comes to hot summer temps!!

The DL said...

Luckily I am inside all day and CA isn't TOO bad....but great tips!!!

The Diabetic Camper said...

Is it "Skanky" or "Skunky?" Dallas is burning up. I love the heat but when October gets here it is much appreciated

Haley said...

Oh kelly I know exactly what heat you're talking about!!
I have to agree with the comment above about the FRIO. Its amazing! I bought the smallest size and it holds two bottles of insulin and keeps them cold for 2 whole days! Its soo handy for overnight trips to friends houses or for traveling. I used to carry around lunch bags with ice packs, but this thing can just be thrown in your purse! Totally worth checking out

Aliza Chana said...

Frios rock. I used to use them when on vial and syringe... haven't used them since on a pump (so not in ~ 9 years)... need to look into them again, and re-think my pump filling techniques for the summer months since we've had days in the 100s or 98-99 for DAYS now... like 8 or 9 in a row and it isn't ending any time soon! :( Thanks K2 for the reminders!

Carol said...

Hi, Kelly = ) Thanks for the reminder. I do notice an improvement in bg#s right after I change the insulin in my reservoir. During the rest of the year I can go 2 days. In the summer (especially weeks like this) changing the reservoir every day is key for me. Where do we get a "Frio"? I've been using an insulated tote with the ice substitute to keep my juice, meter & strips cool also. Only works for a few hours (3 at the most). Thank you for all you do - you INSPIRE me so much.

k2 said...

I have and use my frio, but I still fill the reservoir to 1/2 mast :)