Friday, July 8, 2011

Twitter Bombed By 25 Wieghtloss Pitches In 2.5 Days - I Kid You Not

ATTENTION DIABETES/WEIGHTLOSS MARKETERS: if you're going to tweet me out of the blue re: your brand, don't be surprised if I tweet you back, And don't surprised when I ask point blank if you're sending me a weightloss tweet because I have diabetes. In the past 2.5 days I've been twitterbombed by no less then 25 unsolicited weight loss tweets - I KID YOU NOT. And yes, I'm both annoyed and offended.
Normally, I just block and report you as spam, but as of late I've actually tried to engage with you, because isn't that what social media is all about?
So heads-up, if after your send me said unsolicited weightloss tweet based solely on the fact that I have type 1 diabetes, don't be shocked when I wish to continue the conversation.
See below.

I find it odd that Im continually bombarded w/weight loss tweets because I have type1diabetes. 20 in 2 days time
of course I do not assume you need to lose weight but is proven to help manage chronic diseases such as diabetes.

I think it's both arrogant&dangerous to think that if a person has diabetes, they should lose weight.

u profiled me because Im a person w/ &you tweeted me about your weight loss brand YOU ASSUMED

Don't act all pious & tweet me back and say that you have no idea why I'm tweeting you since you didn't contact me (so not true) and don't be surprised when I say, YEAH, you did and then repeat to you back your original tweet, which btw was conveniently deleted on your end.
Don't respond by saying : My apologies if you feel bothered. Diabetics (types 1 or 2) don't necessarily need to lose weight, rather control insulin.

And don't be surprised when I respond back to you: re: "type 1"controlling insulin," it's not about that at all. It's about managing blood sugars. BIG DIFFERENCE

I could go on, but here's the thing: If you're going to use Social Media to promote your brand, don't feign surprise or shock when your target market wants to actually engage with you. As a marketer and or physician I expect you to refrain from making blanket statements regarding my disease that perpetuate diabetes myths and stereotypes.

I'm not against a low carb diet, quite the contrary, I meticulously count my carbs - I MUST & I DO.

I measure, count and see carbs on my plate as opposed to the actual food. Most people living with diabetes do the very same thing. Is it an exact science? NO, there are times when no matter what, our numbers still go North or just as dangerous, South. But we try, and then we pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and try again.

And while we watch, we indulge in the occasional cupcake or softserve ice cream, or Ice Cream Social (and wtg Mike!). Moderation is key and in these days of diabetes technological enlightenment (verses the Diabetes Dark Ages) and nothing is off limits.

So if you're using Social Media to target in your said target market, then start the conversation off right! And while your at it, get the diabetes facts straight instead of perpetuating diabetes myths & stereotypes.


Sarah/@smartDpants said...

Rock. On. With. Your Awesomely. Bad. Self. !!! <3

Anonymous said...

Rock on, sister. Way to engage. You're absolutely right to try and engage and advocate. It's a shame that there's so much misinformation out there and these individuals/companies/snake oil salespeople are using that myth and misformation to recruit more people. Accurate advocacy and use of social media should trump everything, unfortunately that's not the case - particularly for these mass Tweet spammers. Way to go on the post and engagement, K2. And thanks, BTW, for the shout out. Hopefully it all helps educate correct information that will help, and not hurt.

The Diabetic Camper said...

That is why I am not on the tweet or facebook. There needs to be some rules of engagement before those sites are safe for PC's or people.

Penny said...

Unbelievable. But YEAH for you for responding! I winder how many other DOC members have been tweeted such...

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

If they tweet you they should totally expect a tweet back, especially if they are trying to 'sell' you something! DUH!
Way to call them on the carpet and 'encourage' them to get it right!

Misty said...

Thank you for setting them straight! Way to go!

Lora said...

Good for you.

Holly said...

I'm (Very) Impressed! Wish I knew how to actually use twitter, so I'd know when they are assuming. Ha! I gotta get the hang of it.

Way to speak up and engage, Kelly! : )