Monday, July 11, 2011

An Unexpected DMeet-Up With Strangers Who Become Friends~

Sometimes, even when it looks like your the only one - You're not~
Photo courtesy of my iPhone

All names mentioned in this post (except for mine) have been changed~

The beach was crowded this past Saturday and the weather was hot, so hot your feet burned long after you left the hot sand. The ocean was rough, the surf pounded against the shore and from the looks of things, the water temp was perfect because the ocean was packed with swimmers and bogie boarders.
The group I was sitting with was filled with kids of various ages, including my friend's 6 year old twins.
As I was talking with my friend's daughter, one of the dad's in the group looked at me, saw my insulin pump clipped to my swimsuit and asked
: Are you a diabetic?
Me: Yep, for more than 30 years.
DDad: REALLY? How do you liked being on the pump?
Me: I LOVE it - I'd never go back to shots!
DDad: That's really good to hear. My daughter's a diabetic, she was dx'd when she was 18 months old, she's four now.
Me: WOW.
Then DDad called over his wife, DMama and said: Hey, she has diabetes!
Dmama and I started talking about all types of diabetes related issues and then half way through our conversation she said
: Wait, what's your name?
Me: Kelly.
Dmama: Oh, L (our mutual friend) told me all about you. You have a diabetes blog, right? My name is Dmama.
Me: Hey Dmama! I feel like I know you! YES, I absolutely remember L mentioning you!
And the conversation continued to flow between the three of us, our conversation peppered with the language of diabetes.
And I was so impressed at how great they were with their daughter, who was going to start on the Animas Ping pump in a few months and her parents were thrilled!
FYI, I asked them what color they were considering & they were leaning towards pink~

They talked of how they wanted their DDaughter to live a great life and how at four, she liked to test her blood sugar by herself and was able to tell them when she felt high or low.
And yes, I was totally impressed!
They wanted to meet more dparents and they wanted their little girl to meet other little girls with D.
They told me how how her DBigBrother was helpful and always looking out for his little Dsister. Quite impressive for a little boy of six- if you asked me!
Dmama and I went and stood by the water and continued our conversation.
It was so obvious in listening to Dmama speak that she'd wrapped her head around all the diabetes knowledge she could get her hands on and wanted more.
She was all about empowering her daughter and wanted her to grow up to be strong, confident, and independent.
And I just loved that!
On a personal note, finding a new friend on a crowded beach who understood my diabetes language and spoke it fluently made me feel like I wasn't alone - Which I hadn't even realized I was feeling until we started talking.

We talked about blogging and the DOC and how amazing the Diabetes On-line Community is and how we all learn and are inspired from one another.
I told them about
ChildrenwithDiabetes conferences, and how I was sad not to be attending this years Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Conference, but was planning on attending CWD's Focus On Technology Conference on Febuary 25th and 26th of 2012 in Conchahocken, PA.
We talked on and off about diabetes and life for at least an hour that afternoon, and as always, it felt great to meet a new member of my extended diabetes family.
Kids continued to run around, other conversations with other people were started and stopped, and eventualy I went swiming and for a few moments, I became one with the Atlantic.
Then I returned to my beach chair, plugged in my pump and DMama came over to say goodbye.
She asked for my number & email and told me she'd be in touch soon.

Then Ddad came up to me while his wife gathered the kids beach toys and said:
It was great to meet you - I know that my wife will be getting in touch with you.
Me: No worries and you didn't- I know where your coming from.
DDad: I really want to attend that Technology conference in the fall.
Me: Me too.

Ddad: I'm sorry I talked your if I talked your ear off about diabetes..... It's just sometimes even with friends and family...... they don't get how diabetes impacts your whole life...unless.... they're actually living it.
Me: I know exactly what you mean. There are so many other families out there that know exactly what you're going through -And I'm going to make sure you guys find them!
You are not alone - not in the least - WE .ARE. EVERYWHERE.
And we are... And they're not alone... Neither am I..... And neither are you - And that is a beautiful thing~


Unknown said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I love this :) That secret connection is amazing! What a blessing to have stumbled upon each other on such a crowded day!

YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!

PS (LOVE that picture...well done, iPhone. Well done!)

Penny said...

What a wonderful unexpected D meetup - those are great, it reminds us that we are indeed, never alone on our journey. So glad you are an inspiration to them Kel!

Diane J Standiford said...

We really are one and in that regard never alone. (Though I often feel alone...)

Mike Hoskins said...

What a great random encounter in our ever-expanding world of PWD and those Type Awesomes! Thanks for sharing the story, K2, and glad you were able to meet some others in the extended D-Family to help not feel alone there.

Captain Glucose and Meter Boy said...

Great story maybe even a new bumper sticker in it...

"Practice random acts of encounters and senseless acts of meeting beautiful new people."

Lora said...

That IS a beautiful thing!!! I can only imagine how great it feels for them just to talk with you. What I wouldn't give to have a willing PWD let me pick their brain for a while.

And YOU are one special lady for allowing them to do that. But we already knew that :)

Colleen said...

You're just such a nice person - with or without d.
How very lucky they were to find you to share your positive comments and encouragement for their daughter.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

What a wonderful gift you gave each other! And I totally understand the not realizing you feel alone until you're talking with someone that lives your life. To be able to just talk D without the explanations is such an amazing thing.
Here's to more random strangers becoming Dfriends!! :)

Cherished Children said...

You're absolutely right. We aren't alone!

Holly said...

I *LOVE* finding a D family! : ) It is a smaller world than we believe. I kinda like pumps and shots in the open that way-that's our code to others! : )

shannon said...

What a beautiful post about a beautiful encounter! Awesome. :)

Haley said...

That conference you mentioned that's in february- I'm planing on going to that with all of my friends from camp!

And this post is so great! Being at the beach is tough for a diabetic, and having someone there who gets it is always nice

Unknown said...

You are not just nice are "f-ing" nice!!! xo

Love this interaction. I always feel the same way when I meet IRL D' Peeps. It is a breath of fresh air.


Kerri. said...

Totally a beautiful thing. xoxo

Karen said...

What an awesome unexpected meet-up!!!! I know you both got so so much out of it!! :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I love this story K2!