Monday, October 31, 2011

34 Years Of Living A Diabetes Life - Happy Diaversary To Me!

Today is Halloween and it's also my 34th Diaversary, and I'm celebrating 34 years of living a diabetes life!

Regardless of any bumps in the road ( diabetes and otherwise,) I'm happy to be alive and thriving and I have SO MUCH to be grateful for.
So once again, I've made a list of the first 34 things I'm grateful that come to mind ~

Sparkles & Feathers - Even as a 3 year old Trick-Or-Treating!
1. Silver linings
2. Little victories
3.Being alive
4. Living life
5. The ocean two days before a hurricane
6. Hugs & kisses from little ones
7. Doing better than I did before
8. DOC Meet-ups
9. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
10. Manatees
11. Daffodils in full bloom
12. Fantastical nieces & nephews
13. Laughing so hard that I cease to make audible sounds
14. Cupcakes
15. Letters & emails from those I love
16. Learning new things
17. Appreciating old haunts
18. Memories that make me smile
19. Unexpected signs that let me know that those who are no longer here are still thinking of me
20. Movies that make me laugh and or cry
21. Things that sparkle & shine
22. Peanut Butter & Jam on a spoon
23. Doggies
24. Nutella
25. Old friends
26. New friends
27. Blood Sugar Nirvana
28. Knowing that I will continue to use (and find) my voice
29. Precious cargo
30. Knowing that I am my mother's daughter, inside and out
31. The smell of fresh cut lavender
32. A good book
33. mac as my crack
34. Being blessed to call you my friend.

Next year is my 35th Diaversary, and I plan to celebrate in a MAJOR way - that includes YOU.
Stay tuned for details......


Kim said...

Happy anniversary to you and diabetes. Until cure do you part! :)

Rachel said...

Happy Diaversary and Halloween :)

Can't wait to see what you've got planned next year...

Misty said...

Happy anniversary...thanks for blogging-you are an inspiration to us d-moms-helping us to see that our children can grow up and have long happy lives... :)

Michelle said...

Happy Diaversary! Today is my little girls Diaversary too! Hope you have a great day!!!

Sara said...

Happy Diaversay to you!

#9: I hardly get any trick or treaters but I got a bag of reese's peanut butter cup (pumpkins) just in case. I'm hoping I might have to "suffer" through a few leftovers.

Mike Hoskins said...

Happy Diaversary to you, K2. By the way, totally agree: manatees rule! Have a great day!

Renata said...

Happy Diaversary Kelly!

Unknown said...

Happy anniversary! You've filled 34 years with a ton of memories & shown others they can too. And Nutella would be on my list too.

GuyOnUWS said...

I'm stopping at CRUMBS on the way home in your honor! xoxo

Scott S said...

Happy diaversary, K2! At least Halloween makes it easy to remember! Let's hope we won't have to endure another 34 years with this because progress in autoimmunity research will finally solve a hard part of the puzzle!

shannon said...

happy diaversary to you! reading your list made me smile, so thanks! :)

victoriacumbow said...

Happy Diaversary K2! Mac as my crack is truth!

Colleen said...

What would we do without you?
Thanks for your thoughtful posts and encouraging words.
Hope it was a great day!

The Diabetic Camper said...

Happy Diavanasarie! Or however you spell or say it.

LaLa said...

Happy diabetes anniversary, K2. I love your list!! Thank you for being so fabulous!

Unknown said...

Happy Diaversary, you sassy dia-glamazon, you. Sparkles and feathers forever! xoxo