Friday, October 28, 2011

An Ode To The "Diabetic/Dietetic Friendly" Candy of Long Ago.....

Because those of us growing up in the Diabetes Dark Ages "suffered" with Diabetic Friendly/Diatetic Candy - And lived to tell about it!

An Ode To The "Diabetic/Dietetic Friendly" Candy of Long Ago......

Rainbow colored hard candies, sickeningly sweet treats,
Rainbow colored hard candies, that became cemented to our teeth.
Chocolate that tasted like cardboard, with a wicked after taste,

Sitting in a candy bowl by themselves, all ready, willing and able...
"Diabetic Friendly" stamped in ALL CAPS & emblazened on the label.

Of course our well meaning friends and neighbors thought them very safe.
Never once imagining the gastrointestinal explosion that followed in the wicked "Diabetic Friendly" candies wake.
Made with chemically alcohols like sorbital and malitol and others things hard to spell -
Stuff that caused all types of cramps and our bellies to over swell.

Those of us growing up long ago and in the old days way back when,
learned one of the most important diabetes life lessons as fact early on:
No matter how our Trick-or-Treating turned out in the end.....
To steer clear of the nasty & wicked "Diabetic Friendly" candy, because it was clearly NOT our friend.


Sarah/@smartDpants said...

so true, so true! ugh, that fake "diabetic/dietetic" candy was soooooo awful. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

Unknown said...

Funny & so true. When I saw the title my mind immediately went to the way those fruity hard candies would get stuck to my teeth!

Sara said...


You and Brian posted the same thing yesterday!

Diabetic minds think alike?

Scott S said...

The irony, of course, is that the labels read innocently enough: "Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect." Apparently, "excessive" is anything more than 1 piece of this shitty (an appropriate adjective in this case) candy!!

Bridget said...

I totally forgot about that hard candy until now, but the "side effects", well those I'll never forget!