Monday, October 24, 2011

Diabetes Related OCD & Me

My Diabetes Related OCD is once again rearing it's ugly (though very necessary head,) as I try to organize my things & prepare for some major life changes in the not to distant future.
I've been spending a lot of time as of late cleaning, organizing & pitching things, and in the process have noticed a few things regarding my Diabetes OCD.

1. I have a thing for Ziploc bags
I have a sandwich sized Ziploc bag filled with extra insulin pump tubing, from all the times I ran into a doorknob and or dead spot and had to replace my infusion set before my reservoir set.
I also save those tiny Ziploc bags that lancets come in and use them to cart around spare pump batteries. I also have 1 large size Ziploc bag in 3 different pieces of luggage, each containing a vile of unopened test strips; several infusion/reservoir sets, some spare lancets, and an unopened box of travel size toothpaste.
2. Speaking of lancets.....
I find unused lancets in almost every desk & bureau drawer.
Also, I just changed my lancet this morning - And it feels so much better than the previous burned out/ blunt lancet!
3. Since I mentioned batteries....
I need to invest in a battery tester. WHY? Because as I clean out old handbags I'm finding those tiny zip lock battery filled bags in almost every handbag, and I have no idea if they work or not.
4. Test strips
I know I've written this before, but I love seeing my test strip boxes all lined up by expiration date in my desk drawer - It makes me feel safe, and it makes me smile. ;)
5. Juice boxes
I'm back to buying juice boxes (I prefer Apple & Eve) and keeping a 3 and or 6 pack in my nightstand drawer and one juice box on my nightstand for middle of the night lows.
Personally, I like the Sesame Street Variety Pack, tasty flavors & 14 grams of carbs a serving!
6. Let's revisit the subject of test strips...... Again
I'm finding used test strips in drawers, closets, closet shelves and I even found one in the recyclable container. What the heck!!!

So, do have any Diabetes Related OCD issues that you'd care to share?


Anonymous said...

I too am a fan of the sesame street juice boxes...Last spring I went with my sister to pick my nephew up from preschool..while she went in to get him, I drank a box b/c my blood sugar was low...I got the weirdest looks from the super chic soccer moms!

Anonymous said...

I have a cabinet where I keep all the d-supplies and everything is lined up and stacked up by kind and expiration date.

I love the little snack-size ziplock bags for holding thing such as Smarties and extra supplies.

And tired of taking things upstairs at night, I finally filled a small plastic container with test strips, lancets, ketone strips & meter, and juice boxes. It sits on the bathroom counter top now.

I'm *very* OCD and all these supplies just feed into my insanity!

Brenda Bell said...

Weighing every bit of food by the gram to verify its nutrition (not just carbs, but also protein and sodium)...

Holly said...

Ahhh..OCD and I are great friends! ; ) We have tons of meters in little cases, all stocked. My daughter has tons of meter "purses", and they ALL have alcohol pads and lancets, ready to go. (She switches purses, and it saves time.) ; )

And we have a shelf and a drawer of supplies..when I use the top basket in the shelf, I reorder. I can't get too low! ; )

Oh-one more. I NEVER reuse a lancet!! Have you seen the close-up pix of a lancet used once? Curly metal!! ahhhh!

Haley said...

have you seen the tiny sesame street juice boxes they make? the are half the size of a regular one and are 10 carbs. I like those the best because they fit well in purses and are tasty :)

NeurosurgeryNP said...

OMG....I thought I had an isolated case of OCD. Glad to know I am not alone. :) Jen

Anonymous said...

I prepare pump change bags... in a none other than a "zip lock" bag. A PWD favorite thing.

In the bag is a new reservoir, quick-set, accu-check drum, a container of new strips, one alcohol swab all in my handy dandy zip lock bag.

I prepare 10-15 bags at a time. I actually saves times. Or that is what my PWD OCD is telling me.